letters to you—folded in thirds

heroic dose; consult your attorney. consult your physician. excess in moderation. a consultant economy.

WARNINGS: most likely your pencil will be sharpened. do not poke yourself with pencil, or it will sting for a few seconds.

i love to hear what you sound like.

hmmm, does anyone ever think of how computers are evidence (examples really) of how the intuitive (to me) idea that inflation causes life to become more expensive, is at least in some instances, wrong
for example, normally you would expect to think al things, over time, increase in cost. but computers dont. they get better in numerous ways, including price. in general, this happens with all technological advances, and the more rapidly the advance, the more obviously the drop in price/increase in benefits (i speculate).
in fact, what happens when you plot the rate of change of computer prices?
does it become free eventually? can i predict that moment! it is bizarre what speculation i am willing to tolerate and what i vehemently dismiss.

okay, before (11·24·07) i wrote:
okay, i know we all are familiar with moore's law, but has anyone looked at the way that total terrestrial computing power has grown? and how about computing power per cubic meter of space? this would include only the space taken up by computers, actually, didnt moore make a statement about processor size too? maybe not.
now im thinking (added 12·7·07), and how about total amount of computation completed? or performed? does our ability to squeeze more out of what we have outpace our laziness in contributing to others. wow thats awkward, what i mean is, do distributed computing projects increase the amount of computing we do faster than people and companies that buy computers and then dont use them usually.

letters to you––folded in thirds

what is my problem?
why wont anyone tell me?
maybe my problem is that im always trying to solve problems, rather than just accepting there are rough spots in the world? in which case i should stop trying to solve problems so much. though by stopping solving problems, i would be attempting to solve my own problem (assuming that is it), which would certainly be discouraging to my new goal of not solving problems. it is a conundrum. indeed.
i am, of course, kidding, of course, am i?

sometimes i stutter, pause, and hesitate, consciously. as if i could stop it, but decide not to.

what if there is no additive inverse to one dimension in a vector space? do you get spacetime? i need to ask Mike this, he knows about vector spaces.

synaptic plasticity.
fantastic synaptic.

turtles might be immortal.

in the battle between continuous and discrete, is there something in the middle? is there a set that contains all the reals, but is not continuous? i dont think that really makes any sense at all, but my interest and skills in this more abstract, pure math, is lacking.

what is the information content in our words? our sentences? our paragraphs & novels? greater than the sum of its parts?

do you have any innate passions? do you feel vulnerable if you share them?
do you know mine yet?

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