separation of concerns

do i ever act rude or insensitive? cause i dont think so, but how do i know? someone ought to say something if i do.

can you think of adhesion between two molecules as the same as 'adhesion' between a photon and gravitational mass? probably not, right? though can you? what changes?

sometimes i just get fed up with all the uncessessary sadness in the world.

is it weird that i always found calvin's mom (from calvin and hobbs) attractive?

the symmetry between american fear of a suicidal (inferred from our belief in their willingness to first strike) USSR, and the USSR fear of the same from us, shows that we had much more in common than we thought, and that our shared idiocracy could have cost everyone their lives.

we're all just human beings. nothing more. or less. if you figure that all measures must in the end be arbitrary and thus highly subjective, how can you place value on anything? which is fine, theres no reason things need to have value in a perfectly objective way. for me, its plenty to have it in the highly subjective view i hold.

you know that feeling i get during a particularly good part of a song i like?
its a feeling that uncontrollably creates a smile.
or when someone i am attracted to indicates that they like me too?
or when i witness something particularly beautiful.
or when i think of you smiling.
i think ive heard this term before, but this is the first time ive used it; that is the greatest feeling in the world. hmmm, actually, orgasm might be better, it is not easy to differentiate though it is in some way. they are great in two different ways i suppose.

"take me anywhere, with you"
"thats what i said, thats not what i mean."

it seems as if perfect knowledge of the future might allow you to intentionally violate the 2nd law. is that true?
and does the speed of light relate at all to the uncertainty principle?

Inchoate offense

the nipples of mother hope have run dry.

dude, seahorses look like the most useless animal ever.

why are certain phrases offensive? like 'i dont want to talk about it/to you/right now' or whatever.

'the world' is a strange place. incomprehensibly complicated and yet governed by a seemingly simple set of rules. i want to tell my grandmother: do not worry, my adamant atheism has been a core part of me for the entire history of my personality. it never seems to have worn my optimism, wavered my morals or instilled hardly any sadness of any sort. it has however lead to a deep appreciation for my past, present and foreseeable existence, as well as an unmeasurable concern for the well-being of others, (not to mention bottomless awe and curiosity about the universe). all said, it seems to work out very well for me. i bring my attention now to girls. plural? sure, why not. because i forgot what i was going to say about it, and what i needed to say about it. so thats why not.

steal me a dream.

you mean the world to me.

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