compassion fatigue

pluck my nerves.
perfection only makes sense in terms of definitions. to claim perfection, or lack thereof, only seems valid following the explicit statement of those definitions.

compassion fatigue.

isnt it a little bizarre that we have become neat freaks when our existence depends on a built up resistance due to our exposure to pathogens.

Karl Popper said, "we have become makers of our fate when we have ceased to pose as its prophets."

heh heh heh, i just got top-dollar for my soul. i sold it to dan for five bucks. all i needed was a little bit of blood. hes even given me leasing rights (though hes reserved the right to revoke them at any time if he so decides).

the delgados said:

everybody knows that, i only have myself to blame. everybody knows that, softly softly wins the game. trust, ill try to learn again. my words, are seldom for a friend.
are you gonna sink or swim? coast to coast, its more than you bargained for. are you going to lose or win?

a hint of passion isnt enough wasnt enough never has been never will be ever never; im not really sure where to go with anything anymore.

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