the hardest easy problem?

people used what they called a telephone because they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone.

zo'o ta jitfa .i .e'o xu do pendo mi

i want to work to make all my 'footprints' smaller. reduce the amount of things i have, the amount of energy i consume, the amount of packaging, of gas, of water, of food... everything, smaller.

though i am an atheist, i can admit that some of the ideas that came out of religion are acceptable. but i judge those ideas the same way i judge all ideas, does it make sense? does it benefit the universe in the ways i prefer?

i enjoy thinking about these things the way fat people enjoy eating. maybe its time for me to 'lose weight'?

if we could think of time as moving 'back and forth' constantly, on a very small scale, independent to each region of space, then what would come out of that? could the arrow of time still emerge?
now i think that idea is stupid.

time ought to be a biproduct

best foot forward; which one is that?

there are two main ways to get people to do what you want: bullying, and seducing (really there are other ways too, but not as universal, like extortion, paying, threats...)
now, i want a president who will seduce foreign powers, not bully them. unfortunately, none of the current presidential candidates are attractive enough to seduce me. which is why i now think that we need a really attractive young bisexual female to run for president... young men would vote for her, some young women would vote for her...

id rather be seduced than bullied. though the two approahes are rarely exchangeable.

codys questions for questioning people
(choose exactly one answer for each question that you agree with completely)

you wash the back of your hands
a) less than
b) the same as
c) more than
the palms of your hands?

i feel guilty when i masturbate:
(you may interpret "i" as either me or you)

i like to hurt small animals:
all the time
whenever the opportunity arises

when you hear the phrase, 'child killers'
do you interpret it to mean adults who kill children
or children who kill adults

is your favorite color of jelly bean also your favorite tasting jelly bean?

if my nipples were somehow lactating, would that
a) turn you on
b) make me irresistable
c) both a and b

this is the fortune for your cookie.

wait a second, i can claim software engineering now? how ridiculous!

the easiest hard problem:
"among all sets of 10 integers between 1 and 10, more than 99 percent have at least one perfect partition. (To be precise, of the 10 billion such sets, 9,989,770,790 can be perfectly partitioned. I know because I counted them—and it wasn't easy.)"

do you have teeth or are you a sheep in wolfs clothing.

think of what wikipedia is too: a very popular resource, probably one of the most visited sites on the internet. and you can create content for it! and edit it!. well, create content isnt the right words really.

iterated logarithms?

Studies have shown that mental scans of those in love show a striking resemblance to those with a mental illness. Love creates activity in the same area of the brain that hunger, thirst, and drug cravings create activity in. New love, therefore, could possibly be more physical than emotional (though drawing a clear line between physical and emotional is difficult when discussing the brain). thats the problem! your confusing love for mental illness! or maybe the other way around...? no, i like the first way better.

at some point very recently, ive realized what my problem is: im arrogant! and wait, theres other ones too, i just forgot for the moment. it was confirmed by a bold friend (and thus lovely person) recently, though, admittedly i already knew (which fits the charge). i first realized it this weekend previous, when talking to corey, i realized that my intolerance to do work that i dont want to do could be confused with arrogance. corey confirmed that, and then i realized it is simply that i am arrogant. before that i also began to think people confuse my honesty for modesty sometimes. which made me think: i definitely used to be modest, and not arrogant, but recently, within the last year or two id say, ive slowly changed those attributes. i am not a modest person any longer i dont believe. i have remained honest i think, perhaps even improved my morals (improved in the sense that they have evolved towards the popular opinion, rather than away from).

ever wonder why i can talk about sex when using codewords like 'practice, but not as just 'sex'? isnt that weird? why cant i talk about sex? its just a word, an activity, a series of abstract objects in the world. why is it that i have remind myself that these things are not important, and that there is nothing wrong with talking about them most of the time? that i forget these things by default?

Invite people to lunch.
Or invite them to coffee or for a beer after work. If you meet a fellow introvert, he/she is unlikely to do the inviting, so you have to do it.

Cynthia called me 'both the smartest and dumbest person [she had] ever met'.
most of the time that seems to fit well.

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