love trumps morality

everyone is always telling me how different or unique i am
so why would anyone ever expect to predict my behavior reliably?
and im always complaining about how i dont understand people, and about how complicated people and their interactions are; how can i ever expect to predict anyones behavior reliably?

i feel like i need to puke.
about grad school
more about grad school
physics at UNH
more about physics at UNH
MIT's open courseware
some stars that keith used to have me look at
save my teeth
where next
interesting phrase
still dont understand
understand even less
i expected something like this
i ought to understand this, why not yet?
complexity class TFNP
why i have no work ethic (because i dont really do work)
the definitive guide (which seems silly since language evolves naturally)
we all suck
not cool man
also not cool
eh, whatever
no shit
sooner or later, but no
fuck you
where the hell am i?
complexity theory for everyone
sulfur hexa fluoride (some day)

we didnt even try.

what a fucking huge waste of time this was.

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