to call it hypnotic would just be silly. mesmerizing fits better.

"we have a pretty sophisticated idea of why we have no idea." -Scott Aaronson

wordache. girlache. friendache. happyache. sadache = ache? mathache? drugache. skyache. dreamache? this might be interesting. workache? could be useful. most of these suck really, i just cant admit it. butterache. fruitache. songache.

"yours truly, angry mob." she told me. she said she didnt catch the band name. turns out that is an up coming album by kaiser chiefs.

so anthropic computing: guess a solution and test it. if your guess is not a solution, then kill yourself (this is assuming the everett many worlds hypothesis is true; also, do not apply it to any problem which may have no solutions).

high tech math; serious errors; do more preliminary thinking.

the funny thing about not knowing something is that, you dont know it. you dont get to know you dont know it. until someone tells you what you dont know, or you discover it for yourself, at which point, you no longer dont know it.
maybe this should be written, the unfortunate thing about not knowing something... etc. what if i am so naive with respect to something that i am clueless as to how clueless i am? contrary to Scott's claim, what if i have no idea why i have no idea? what if i have no idea that i even have no idea? in the dark about being in the dark? too much introspection. too much self-reference. too much too much, you took too much.

in science we attempt to take the least assumptive position available. this does not work well when interacting with people.

massive amounts of no fun.
dont avoid what is easy.
they emergeed from within it.
when you speak, they listen.
i respond well to honesty.
we both reach the same conclusions.
thats me.
hide with me under the covers.
im looking for a place to get lost.
i think my body was built for eating butter. (although my parents might claim otherwise)

people tell me sometimes, i ought to do something productive, or constructive. and suddenly i call that into question. the world produces awfully efficiently. maybe i should do something counterproductive. i dont particularly like the direction in which the world is producing, so counterproductive seems like a good fit.

so do this: take your monitor and put something white on it. like a big empty text document. then look at the reflection of the white part off the surface of a carbonated beverage, such as coke. when the bubbles pop, the rings blink by! it looks excellent. and i should go to bed. these are the things i enjoy.

but first, remember this: in the classical restraunt, you can order salad or steak. in the quantum restraunt, you can order steak, salad, or something that is mixed, with some probability of becoming salad when you eat, and some complimentary probability of becoming steak when you eat.

hey, also, with respect to the utility of things that we do, some are purely for happiness. painting a picture, reading a book, listening to an album or watching a movie. shouldnt all things we do be reducible to increasing happiness? shouldnt we only work with the goal of increasing our happiness somehow? if you would be happier in a shitty ten hour a week job, and sacrificing the things that require money, should you do it? thats about where i am at the moment. maybe im just justifying things. that and my world is a little screwy, i cant be a pirate for ever.

today, of the problem set, Dave said, "this wasnt any fun at all." so i said, "not even in retrospect?". then Matt said he works best in the a.m., so i said, thats the a.m. that follows the p.m., not the one that precedes it. you gotta specify.

ampersand ampersand ampersand ampersand.
unless unless unless.
perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps.

i need to remember to tell Matt and Everett about my straight line joke (im gonna fight the circle guy).

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