this is me standing out

i have a very difficult time suspending disbelief.

last night i learned that ethanol and logic do not mix. i think maybe logic is hydrophilic. which is interesting because ethanol apparently can dissolve both hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances. therefore, logic is neither hydrophobic nor hydrophilic?

youve gone away enough, when will you decide to stay?

i am told that i am not certain of anything, which is true in the rigid scientific/philosophical sense. disregarding that i feel that i am as certain of many, perhaps more things, and perhaps more certain of those things, than the average human being. in physics we deal with many absolutes, and we value them with far more certainty than the average human should grant to most aspects of their life. mathematics is an even more severe case, in which case the word 'certain' is finally used correctly; proofs are proofs, and nothing can change them.

what sort of things am i certain about? f=ma? 2nd law of thermo? GR (within some degree)? QM? axiomatized mathematics systems?
i am not sure. but i am certain that it does not matter. not to me personally, not to other people, not to the universe or any system of measurement between. of course there are always the trivial things, like gender, existence, or virtually any word/concept/noun in which a common definition has been agreed upon.

some time ago i tried to define love, and if i remember right, i got sidetracked or caught up in a detail or confused by an apparent flaw or contradiction. in any case, i recall being dissatisfied, and also discouraged in the definition i provided. i had mentioned how years ago i asked lindsey what romance was, and much thought lead to my eventual arrival at the definition of 'love expressed'. and yet that only left a hole for the definition of love.
and so on the drive back to keene today, i came up with something, sufficiently short to avoid confusion, simple words to avoid displacing the task of defining (again), precise, powerful. at first i wrote the word 'deep' in place of 'great', but i think great is much better (as in grand, special, important, held highly, broad...)

love: a great appreciation for.
romance: love, expressed.

funny that i once said i wanted to fall madly in love, without having a clear idea in my head of what that meant.
or maybe that is a lie. maybe i did have a clear idea in my head, in spite of the ambiguity of the concept.

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