a positive handicap

reduced to an absurdity. risk being completely cut open.

it is bizarre how reluctant i am to do certain things, when the results of those things are usually sufficiently pleasing that after i have done them i am happy. for instance, i just washed a few dishes, and cleaned up a tiny bit in the kitchen, and it was very satisfying. but i didnt do it out of the knowledge that i would be satisfied after, i did it because i felt i had put it off for far too long.

pleasure meeting you.

the outcome doesnt matter anyway. its having fun with the process.
there was jade, she told me not to get caught up in things too small.

burlap sack.

this is me coherent. the crucial step of course is to apply copious amounts of butter while the bagel is still in fact warm enough to melt it all. this can be determined from simple first principle calculations, or by doing it immediately after the bagel is removed from the toaster oven.

what is fundamentally different about subatomic phenomena that cannot be represented in the macroscopic world? why can we not mimic the effects of qubit superpositioning by allowing a continuous range of voltages in a computer, rather than the discrete voltages we currently use?

'to be destroyed'
when the blood has dried, i have not followed procedure.

dont lick your knives in the dark. someone asked me, what does that mean?

copious amounts of butter. excessive even.

i suspect that my less than common knowledge can be attributed to the frequency with which i believe the mundane to be profound. that is, i am easily entertained.

inspire in her, a desire to know.

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