when you are alive, i get caught up in knots, and i miss everything important.

whenever you have friends drive you to the bank, you should say, "leave it running"

these are notes from the margins of complex variables:
"there will still be a gap between what is and what ought to be" - Clinton
everything = nothing
always remember that the difference between you and me is very very small.
never, EVER assume that you understand what i am saying. you probably shouldnt even assume that i know what i am saying.
i like to round up, so i truncate accordingly.
i know a lot, but i am a very slow thinker. i compensate by thinking all the time.
socks and coathangers on their own appear to lack conservation laws. however, perhaps together their sum is conserved.
faulty hair folical
ways to get A's – cold hard cash
information literacy.
it seems that the large majority of human progress has been an organizing, communicating, specifying, and reorganizing of our collection of knowledge.
a very useful attricbute to teach a child would be enjoying the process of reading.
build a homopolar motor in physics!
"thats why god invented calculators" - Dick
k is for counter
k is for kounter?
dump truck function.

i have a fear of appearing too attached. and also a fear appearing too distant. i feel confident that i somehow come across as both. she really liked me last week. maybe she'll like me again next week. my head causes more trouble than it is worth, not quite. off with his head!

when you are alive, i am caught up in knots, and i miss everything important. but that makes me want to be alive too, except i am too well netted; too scrambled, two overeasy. i put all my eggs in one basket after taking out an unreasonably large insurance policy on said eggs. but dont fret, im not counting on you to break them. (i bet i say that to all the girls).

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