the blank spots are the important parts.

excellent idea tonight: draw out a map of known physics concepts, and look for the blank spots.

will not is just more words for cannot
the concepts of competition and society tend to conflict with one another, in practice.
heres to your disadvantage.

so what i was thinking was that mathematics is like some sort of map, where axioms are the starting points. and as we build both true and false statements, or propositions, based on the assumed axioms, we start to fill in the map, with say land or water. and the more developed we become with our mathematics, the more of the map we have. but Gödel showed that our maps would always have spots that would remain dark, and that we would always have to create new axioms to fill in the dark spots (or so they tell me, i dont really know). the blank spots are the important parts.

oh good, its foggy; i can sleep now.

at first i was thinking i should try to create such a map of mathemtics. perhaps it is my limited imagination, but i kept having difficulty getting past the concepts of dimension and layout. so i never got anywhere with it. but then the other day i considered doing the same thing with physics. and what i was thinking was this, power is the time rate of change of work, force is the time rate of change of momentum. momentum is kind of the time rate of change of intertia, (or more so, intertia is an object's resistance to a change in motion, as where the the derivative of position times an objects mass would equal momentum...). but it suddenly seemed easier than a mathematical map.

damn, i had an idea a little while ago about something i wanted to look up online, but now i dont remember what it is.
it was some sort of math concept.

i learned about the riemann sphere yesterday and today, and damn, that was a good idea.

ah, i think what i wanted to learn more about was the first Hilbert problem, which apparently had to do with whether or not there was a set of numbers larger than the countables, but smaller than the uncountables. according to a book ive been reading for several years, it was somehow proven that there was and there wasnt, that you could have it however youd like. the idea of metamathematics is beginning to intrigue me more every moment. and so is the concept of infinity. i guess its time to find more friends(?).

it is true; i am a liar.

i should also mention, today at work, we tried to measure the speed of light, but we failed. maybe sunday.

i must do as i wish.
come to a complete stop.

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