i stole a stranger's love note tonight.

i was talking with a friend, about the relationship between language and 'ideas', how it appeared to me that language enables us to have many ideas which we could not otherwise develop. i guess what i am trying to think of is the relationship between the development of language, as far as its organization and articulation go, and the relationship to new ideas, and the communication of ideas. what are the rates of return? as an economist might say. so at 251 yesterday morning, an example comes to mind. computers, ultimately are a language of problem solving for which we could not have possibly imagined the power of until turing machines were thought up... mathematics is full of examples really, the whole of mathematics is this process of reiterative refinement in organizing and communicating and reorganizing ideas. although that isnt real clear, as to what it is saying, or how correct it is.

i told a homeless man i would help him, but he left before i returned.

the... complexity of an elementary proof, such as irrationality of sq(2), when entered into a computer proof-checking system, seems to suggest that there is a lot more information, and processing perhaps, occurring when we construct and verify and deal with proofs.

i should have brought him here. i should have said, "can i trust you?" and "and even more important, if i couldnt trust you, and i asked if i could, would you answer that i could?"
its foolproof failsafe. it is no such thing.

i am beginning to suspect that the concept of evil is a big problem in the world. over the last several years i have begun to struggle when trying to imagine that someone is evil, or has some evil motive. i just dont see it. i can imagine they have different morals than me, or a different concious. that they have a different point of view or different ideals. that they may be delusional, or psychotic, but never do i imagine evil. im not even sure what evil means anymore.

i stole a stranger's love note tonight.

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