sometimes its loud enough that i get to stop thinking.

i keep having an overwhelming feeling that our society oppresses us, and that since we are the maintainers of our society, that we are oppressing ourselves.

i found you in a lost and found.

there is a girl that always told me i would forget her. and boy was she wrong! in latin that would be nomen oblitum, for forgotten name. as opposed to nomen mudum which is naked name.

provably impossible for ordinary [computers] you.

multiplication : dimensions :: addition : ?

a certain romance

people say, "it makes you think" but nothing really makes anyone think. if you can find a way to force people to think, without wasting what they will think about, and without breaking any laws, then you could become a very wealthy person.

i think constrained, unconstrained yet forced, and unforced but personally chosen sleep deprivation have all benefitted me in the long run, oddly enough.

i just got the advice: use cliches. that might be a very good suggestion for me. i tend to abhor cliches to a detrimental point.

depressed over the confusing and inexplicable results of his experiments to determine whether light is a wave or a particle, thomas young performs one final double slit experiment, involving his wrists.

put your hand into your pants and tell me you love me.
wait, better, put my hand into your pants and tell me you love me.
wait wait wait, no, put your hand into my pants and tell me you love me.

i cant help myself! well, okay, thats not true. i could help myself, but i am tired of that. actually, to be honest, most frowned upon behavior is due to "helping oneself".

Tau protein, which in its soluble form is essential for communication and transport within brain cells, had become insoluble in some cells, causing nerve cell damage and death in selected areas of the brain. Other nerve cells showed an accumulation of the amyloid precursor protein, which suggests that protein transport had been disrupted and the nerve cell functions affected.

oh good, it is foggy, i can sleep now.

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