intractable dream

oh, what a mess.
insult: your mass to volume ratio is very high.
unless of course they take that to mean that they are muscular, which makes it not an insult.
i dont really like the idea of being a fan of anything.

"youre, alive! you curse, you sweat, you twitch, you have passion!"

i had some ideas tonight, with corey, about logic, and reality, and randomness. i am now having difficulty conceiving of something in reality that behaves illogically, and also something being truly random. although as usual, these ideas depend on the rigidity with which we define them. i am now thinking that as time has progressed, each successive physical theory has placed more and more strict bounds on the possiblity of randomness, and the possibility of illogical existence. ill have to remember this for the future.

"The use of a plutonium RTG battery resulted in minor demonstrations some days before launch by about 30 anti-nuclear protestors. The amount of radioactive plutonium in the RTG is 11 kg, about one-third the amount on-board the Cassini-Huygens probe when it launched in 1997. That launch was protested by over 300 people. The United States Department of Energy estimated the chances of a launch accident that would release radiation into the atmosphere at 1 in 350 and monitored the launch as it always does when RTGs are involved. It was believed that a worst-case scenario of total dispersal of on-board plutonium would spread the equivalent radiation of 80% the average annual dosage in North America from background radiation over an area with a radius of 65 miles (~110 km), with cleanup costing anywhere from $241 million - $1.2 billion USD per square mile."

the only thing i understand about this world is that i do not understand anything else about this world.

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sammyD said...

so, you don't actually know me and I don't actually know you, but a friend spotted your comment on an old post of mine which caused me to have a gander at what you had to say or write or however you think of it.

it turned me around just enough times to get me dizzy and content again.