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when i was little i looked at the sun. i had been told by a variety of people not to look at it, but they were so adamant about it that i began to think they were lying. that there was no sun there at all. but i was wrong, and now im blind. i hope.
i have been importing all my cds onto my computer, since i have the space to consoladate my music now, and i am approaching radiohead... and i suddenly have a strange fear, its a fear of falling into some sort of deep hole, from which it will take a long time to climb out of.
a little deeper.
i just got the advice to change the specific to the ambiguous.
i dont think you have to hit "bottom" to be an addict, you just have to be willing to take the next step. and there will always be a next step.
ive really enjoyed making silly analogies lately.
me : liar :: you : cheat
i would tear my hair out, but its too short and greasy, i cant grab hold.
you : dirt :: babies : nipples
i dont know the difference from right and wrong really, but i can tell im not right about anything ive done in a long time. and probably no one can really understand what i mean to say.
me : you :: garbage-man : trash - this is also the dumbest insult i have thought of in a long time.
i need you to swallow up the attention in the room.
because i cant stand the crowd. but i love watching you glow.
me : you :: existence : earth
i hope i dont live to see the day that jay-walking becomes a national pasttime.
analogies : me :: trauma : victim
to the panicked and paranoid: never be at peace.

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