in my spare time i enjoy blowing goodbye kisses to strangers in airports and placing ambiguously addressed love letters in public places

i just got the advice to "question the heroic", and i thought, ive already done that.
"only break one law at a time" - Ian K. Sullivan
"...of all the things to come true..." -Allison
i want to begin reading the greats; Riemann, Bohr, Gauss, Gottlob Frege...
the formula is proven here!
the concept that the number system was 'created' eludes me. beyond the fact that it is convention, and generated from our own minds, there is also the fact that it is what it is, independent of creation. it could be created no other way.
remember that idea to build a parabolic mirror building to burn your neighbor/competitor? remember that idea!
love obeys no conservation laws.
Feynman's advice to wolfram was "fall madly in love"
remember the idea for a forrest to cut itself down.

i suddenly want to become human. i want to receive mail and have a job and spend money and be normal.

i have all the negative effects of a methamphetamine users, without any of the benefits of doing meth... although ive never heard anyone say there was a benefit to doing meth.

embarrassed : me :: trees : the forest.

we are supposed to look for patterns on a broader scale. patterns of patterns. privilege escalation.
maybe akathisia too?
punding is the result of dopamine overactivity.

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