the fortune cookie couldnt be more wrong.

brainstorming responses to the slanderous question, "when did you stop beating your wife?"
"when the kids got old enough to beat her."
"when i started beating your wife."
"when she said the codeword."

i might now be drowning in excess notes and paper and ideas. like my thought processes are decaying towards white noise. but that isnt true. im sharper than ever in classes like modern physics, physical chemistry, and complex variables, which are supposed to be three of the most challenging classes i will have ever taken at keene.

in a bizarre habit of humility, i nearly always type my name with lowercase letters.
the word or phrase that best describes you? "aesthetically pleasing"
the word of phrase that best describes me? "salacious. lecherous. vile."
something esoteric. i dont even know what esoteric means! which has a funny connotation to it.
the best i can figure is that i have a fear of being too needy. so i overcompensate, and then become afraid that i will appear too distant. oddly enough, i dont have any expectations of other people, so i dont ever think that other people are too needy or distant, but maybe thats just cause im in my own world.

i just read part of an old paper claiming to prove P=NP by way of nature's ability to solve an NP-complete problem with bubbles. then i read some posts about how it doesnt always work, which makes me wonder if it could be viewed as a probabilistic algorithm. also i began wondering about the human mind and games like go for being good solutions to the np-complete problems? i dont know what it would mean if the "bubble algorithm" were a probablistic algorithm anyway, somehow i dont think that would really imply P=NP.

you can trick me, but not as convincingly as i (often) trick myself. long story short. plea bargain. considerable damage. this is life at face value. its like a bad dream where you cant get to where youre going. i am subtle but not malicious. both of which are the opposite of how i would prefer to be.

"leave the house before you find something worth staying in for."
and "its easier to get forgiveness than permission."

waiting for the punch line. please expedite action. take it personally. follow the leader. fine and dandy? glad to know you.

ask dick about classifying functions according to the periodicity with respect to the differential operator.
ask dr wolf about his mathematically frowned upon tricks.

what is it that i really want? what is it that other people want? i think i should know what i want. i could at the very least place lower bounds on my desires.

my favorite color of noise is brown, or maybe grey. i cant decide. even pink perhaps.

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