i might risk seeming so typcial!

it is raining, but i dont believe it is.

"is there any risk of... brain damage?"
"well, uh, technically speaking, the procedure is brain damage, but its on par with a night of heavy drinking. nothing youll miss."

"Two people, equally rich, meet to compare the contents of their wallets. Each is ignorant of the contents of the two wallets. The game is as follows: whoever has the least money receives the contents of the wallet of the other (in the case where the amounts are equal, nothing happens). One of the two men can reason: "Suppose that I have the amount A in my wallet. That's the maximum that I could lose. If I win (probability 0.5), the amount that I'll have in my possession at the end of the game will be more than 2A. Therefore the game is favourable to me." The other man can reason in exactly the same way. In fact, by symmetry, the game is fair. Where is the mistake in the reasoning of each man?" the two envelope problem. and here.

we each both have created our own catch 22s.

what i do is i pay a friend, to, "sometime in the next month, either set my watch forward by ten minutes or do not". and until i get a quick comparison between my watch and another clock i can assume it is ahead, although i do not know for certain. and so if i accidentally realize it is or is not ahead by ten minutes, i then pay another friend to again, either set it correctly or not, within ten minutes sometime within one month. without my knowledge of course. this keeps me on my toes at all times with respect to scheduling.

neutrino, from the italian for, "little tiny neutral one" as opposed to neutrone or "great big neutral one". thats me, neutrone. cause im HUGE.

if truth does not exist, the statement "truth does not exist" is a truth, thereby proving itself incorrect.

there is a chance you should be panicking.
(if you do happen to read this, that is not directed at you Miss!)
i want to be like steve when i throw up.

unnecessarily tough. thats me. -allison

"consider the dilemma of the young lady, for instance, who feels impelled to make known to the world at large the superlative properties of her sub-laryngeal area. the fact that she does so is a tribute to her efforts to make america beautiful, for it has its drawbacks. it is 8 a.m. of a brisk spring morning and the temperature is 40°F, at the bus stop. in her eagerness to brighten the day, she has displayed a stretch of her chest to the elements.
now do you suppose she wants to catch cold? do you think she intends to come down with an attack of virulent goose-pimples that may (just barely may) fester? no, she is merely following the golden rule which, in case you have forgotten, goes, as nearly as i can recall it: do unto others as others would like to have you do unto them."
-Dr. A, from "the sensuous dirty old man"

hold first chopstick in original position move the second one up and down Now you can pick up anything.

when we play dumb together, im outta youre league!

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there's a chance she should be panicking anyway.