the butterfly catastrophe: V=x^6+ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx

we were just hanging out on campus, we meet this old friend of his brothers, and we end up in the athletic field. next thing we know, hes lighting off fireworks.

how weird, my awkward dedication to avoiding the commonplace has prevented me from expressing myself.

phrases ive recently enjoyed:
breathe more deeply
graceful degradation
fault tolerant
study its habits
"so much time to question oneself is not good"
"extracting semantics from syntax."
in god we trust; everybody else pays cash.
propagation of uncertainty!
the length of an object is determined by measuring both ends of it simultaneously.
‘swamped by the noise’
"its just another fools pleasure."

the idea of the dali lama is very interesting... an entire culture all devoted to the education and well-being of a single individual. i wonder what the consequences would be if all children could experience such a concern for their well-being.

The first brain image of a person with psychosis was completed as far back as 1935 using a technique called pneumoencephalography (a painful and now obsolete procedure where cerebrospinal fluid is drained from around the brain and replaced with air to allow the structure of the brain to show up more clearly on an X-ray picture).

if you could go back in time to help yourself out, what would you do?

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