get out of your mind

last night, which was really this morning, i talked to Allison and unknowingly witnessed the peak of the orionid meteor shower. it was very pleasing, except that i was repeatedly forced to find new wishes to wish for. i suppose that implies there isnt a whole lot in my life i desire changed. there are a few things, i would say, i desire changed. but i suppose i do not believe that any of them can be solved with wishes. which provokes the question, is there anything i feel can be changed with a wish? and i suppose i would have to answer no.

ben knows all.

she and i both seem torn in contradictions. although i cannot say (and should not speak) for her. although i do get the impression that she is plagued by guilt, which is a trouble i have not experienced in a long time. im not sure how i have escaped it. dammit, i havent finished my physics exam... i should have done that. instead i did not.

"i hope you will understand that the distance between us is not as great as it seems."

It is postulated that the new policies the army had adopted after WWII combined with the psychologically demanding guerilla-style warfare used by the Vietnamese were responsible for wearing away the brain's ability to recognize good from bad, pain from reward, and other basic psychological distinctions.

calm down, im gonna hold your hand.

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