practice with coach

new favorite phrases:
naive decision theory!
all rational players will play defect
common knowledge (logic)
fictitious play.
ambiguity aversion.

i cannot foresee a situation in which i would not enjoy a phone call from a Miss. or, stated without negations: within my imagination, all situations for which i have so far foreseen result in enjoyment when perchance a phone call is received from a Miss. (Miss potassium carbonate that is).

it is interesting how the levels of negation the english language has developed are not the same as the levels of negation in basic arithmetic. for instance, to say: 'i cannot think of a situation in which i would not enjoy your company' is not the same as 'i can think of a situation in which i would enjoy your company'. just because i 'cancelled' the negations does not imply equivalency. although it has been a long time since i have studied formal logic, and perhaps i am translating the statments incorrectly.

this is not the end of the world; this is only a test.

i just had another epiphany! which, since its the second time today, probably implies that something is wrong with the part of my brain that determines the value of a thought or new idea.
this idea was about how electricity and water are often compared closely by analogy, to help one be understood through the other. the main difference seems to be that electricity can induce a magnetic field that influences the flow of electricity, as where water has no analogous attribute. i wonder if electricity has anything analogous to the highly influential attribute of turbulence in water.
it seems that insights into one may provide insights into the other. hence the theory of either phenomena must not be too far behind or ahead of the other phenomena.

too cold if you do that.

"Science alone of all the subjects contains within itself the lesson of the danger of belief in the infallibility of the greatest teachers of the preceding generation." –Richard Feynman

so first i was thinking about how the concept of a photon, to me, does not seem all that difficult to explain, in terms of not being in the atom before emission. and i wonder if it is due to the familiarity of concepts such as sound waves and lasers and focused sound waves and laser pulses, which make it very clear to me that you can have a small little 'particle' of something which does not really exist, in the sense that a basketball or a ferrari exist. second, i was just thinking about feynmans definition of science, about evolution and the rate at which individuals learning influenced our collective knowledge and so on, and i realized it makes an excellent argument for social cooperation, for trusting and respecting others, strangers and all. it makes excellent arguments for peace and teamwork and all sorts of basic things i think everyone should know.

i said, "kiss me, youre beautiful. these are truly the last days"

says im good. its cause i have such an excellent coach to pracitce with. maybe practice isnt the right word. it implies a sense of temporariness, it implies too little significance, it implies nothing of the value i hold for it.
said girls fall in love faster than boys.

i guess the problem of me has become this: i cannot express myself in any way that feels too typical. and so the typical expressions seen by people, expressions of emotions or feelings, desires and dreams, wants and needs, are omitted. and it makes me feel not human. which attracts attention sometimes. and it fails to express the human things that humans want that humans need. it does not communicate me well. i must stop it.

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