we will WHISPER instead of YELLING(!)

i know enough to understand that someone knows way more than i do.
i thought it was a creative pressure valve, but its more like a dump valve.
does it make any sense to say i am starving, but have no appetite?

i dreamed i was playing tag. freeze tag. and tom was there. and i panicked when four or so guys were teaming up to chase me down, so i froze, and when the two guys closest missed, i still stood there. then i gasped for breath, just a little, and woke up.

as i decend back into the woodwork she patiently waits to be released from the marble.

"i do not wear panties, i have never worn panties, but if called upon, panties i will wear. big white house, or small delicate european briefs."

i should get a job so i can buy things to own stuff.

the immediate sensation i receive from touching my fingers to running water is indistinguishably either hot or cold. unexpected that is.

i gone done and did it.

"but i found that disappointing people is a good thing, because disapproval is freedom. before that, i never realized how much I sought other people's approval. once i figured that out, i was free to move on and seek the approval of other people, in comedy clubs and showbiz meetings." -Demetri Martin

attention is not recognition. thats important, to remember. i should be more comfortable with recognition than with attention. but i view nearly everything as being unimpressive anyway.

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