you may need a murderer

"one more thing before i go, one more thing ill ask you lord: you may need a murderer, someone to do your dirty work. dont act so innocent, ive seen you pound your fist into the earth, and ive read your books. seems that you could use another fool, well im cool, and i look right through. you must have more important things to do. so if you need a murderer, someone to do your dirty work."

pouring rain yesterday morning was beautiful. a girl on the phone this morning was even more so. the songs, the feelings, the music, the rain, the temperature; a warm wind blowing through a cold window. the streets and lights and flashers... the police lights are so beautiful. i might not yet be human, but i have the potential, and i promise if i wake up human one day, that ill still be me. or at least i hope that i can be both myself and human at the same time. some day, ill show you. ill show someone. some day.

so if i can find a quick way to take a given string, and find a cellular automaton, or some other simple program, that will generate it, then i can prove P=NP. but P almost certainly does not equal NP, so how do we prove that? thats the million dollar question. it seems that the world is np-complete.

bijective is a great word.

"Look, this question of whether P=NP, what can I say? People like to describe it as "probably the central unsolved problem of theoretical computer science." That's a comical understatement. P vs. NP is one of the deepest questions that human beings have ever asked." ----- "(Leonid Levin told me that Feynman -- the king (or maybe court jester) of physicist-intuition -- had trouble even being convinced that P vs. NP was an open problem!)" - Scott Aaronson

"these drugs arent mine! im merely helping someone close to me overcome a drug problem, so i had to take them away, and then i had to drive down the highway as fast as i could to get away from him, but its impossible to get away from him, because that someone is me."

"call me a sexual predator, but when i think of predators i think of lions, tigers, big cats, sharks. this isnt so much a predator versus prey relationship. this isnt a scavenger a vulture or a laughing hyena versus a carcass. this isnt a parasite versus a host. we're all miserable together. its the opposite of a victimless crime."

i want to write a probability paper on russian roulette. that could be quite comical.

our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.

i just realized [several hours ago] wikipedia removes the clout of a doctorate, and places credibility in the hands of those who can argue their point well.

i want to get lost. i want to appreciate you all year long.
now you should say something.

ps — so if you need a murderer...

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