off then on. OFFTHENON!

am i out of touch with reality? i kind of feel like it... i dont know though. how could one self-assess such a quality?

'since forever'

"Markov's inequality leads immediately to the third most useful fact in theoretical computer science, called the Chernoff bound. The Chernoff bound says that if you flip a coin 1,000 times, and you get heads 900 times, then chances are the coin was crooked. This is the theorem that casino managers implicitly use when they decide whether to send goons to break someone's legs."

i know youre upset, maybe youd feel better after we had some dirty sex.

according to my string cheese, it takes one week to make a jelly bean. i must confess: ive been selecting my string cheese based on the questions it gives me. ive even been cheating and reading the questions without opening the cheese. i can only eat so much of that crap, you know?


i think one of the most very basic differences in human opinion is the belief that people are inherently good or evil, or neither. i personal tend to believe the good aspect, i think thats what ultimately places me in the optimistic category, even if im not always an optimist. but i feel like many people who's opinions are greatly different than mine are often due to their disagreement on that very basic point. which is fine, i just find it a bit strange, as if maybe we should reduce many different debates all to this one more fundamental one.

where is my cure for this disease?

i can read you like a book. it may be a book about a subject i dont understand. and it may be written in a language i dont know, and encoded with unbreakable encryption, but that book was published and is now collecting dust on my shelf. no wait, i dont want you collecting dust on my shelf (i dont even have shelves).

"you know what hurts the most is the, the lack of respect, you know? thats what hurts the most. except for the, except for the other thing. that hurts the most. but the lack of respect, hurts the second most."

im gonna go stand over there.

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