maybe we shouldnt want halting machines

when they found, your body; giant x's on your eyes. with your half of the ransom, you bought some sweet, sweet, sweet... sweet sunflowers. and gave them, to the night.

"what if there is no tomorrow? there wasnt one today."

i think we should plant lots of trees on top of every building. i think that would look neat. i suppose itd be difficult, with having to place a lot of dirt up there and maybe it wouldnt be easy to keep the trees healthy and surviving... but you could certainly design around the needs and plan for such a setup in future buildings. it would be pleasing.

it seems to me that three-symbol turing machines should be reducible to two-symbol turing machines, right? so why do the busy beaver programs not having similar limits?

also, how many n-symbol, m-state machines are there for a given (n,m)? and what portion of (n,m) machines halt? it suddenly makes me think of something i wrote as "multidimensional permutations/combinations". ill have to think more about what that might mean before i declare it stupid.

i recently found out that Maxwell originally derived his equations through his knowledge of fluid mechanics, which i find very interesting, especially since fluids have some major hurdles to overcome still, such as turbulence (Werner Heisenberg was asked what he would ask God, given the opportunity. His reply was: "When I meet God, I am going to ask him two questions: Why relativity? And why turbulence? I really believe he will have an answer for the first.")

in a similar vein, superconducting has been piquing my interest lately, and i wonder what sort of parallels it has with superfluidty.

so that slow sort of learning, that occurs over a long period of time... there is no good word to describe it, the best i can do is to say it is the antonym of an ephiphany, in some sense. no matter: ive experienced it once again. this time it was in relation to my struggle to be a strict physicalist (which i really always have been) and to still value the universe, or more specifically, life, and even more so humans. as usual, the solution wasnt really any solution at all, just plain acceptance that the only reason there was a problem was because i conceived of one. that seems to happen a lot more often than you (or more i) would expect.

if i am ever homeless i want to wear a really dirty santa costume. time for art. the title of this entry is a message in hiding; concealed. i wonder if i will be able to look back and remember its meaning?

i need pressure! more pressure! i think it would help if i thought i were competing; for girls, for school, for life. yeah, that might motivate me? maybe?

Karen Owens wrote:
can omniscient god, who
knows the futures, find
the omnipotence to
change his future mind?

"There are a number of different alethic modalities: logical possibility is, perhaps, the weakest, since almost anything intelligible is logically possible: Possibly, pigs can fly, Elvis is still alive, and the atomic theory of matter is false.
Likewise, almost nothing is logically impossible: something logically impossible is called a contradiction or a logical falsehood. It is possible that Elvis is alive; but it is impossible that Elvis is alive and is not alive." so apparently someone, (probably a long time ago) realized that to be omniscient and omnipotent doesnt really make sense.
Thus it is possible that Jones was murdered if and only if it is not necessary that Jones was not murdered.

firing squads are so we can both sleep well at night. so we can both tell ourselves "it wasnt me". but that doesnt work, it doesnt work.

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