Now I spend my time listening.

plus... im illiterate

make a lot of fucking noise.
there will be no apologies.

id rather write love notes. I WOULD RATHER WRITE LOVE NOTES. somehow people mistakenly correlate 'intelligence' (whatever that means) with infallibility. --- sentenced to death --- "start with a strong and persistent desire" --- lets take a ride, starfire tonight. ten thousand miles away. --- nobody dreamed youd save the world. --- look for heat and --- it is fixed. it is not fixed. --- ive not been sentenced to death have i?

is the phrase 'they are not the same' equivalent to 'they are different'?

The Bishop says "I'm afraid you've got a bad egg, Mr Jones". Apparently trying to avoid offence the curate replies, "Oh, no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!"

subject: tom dickson and safety
email: http://commercial.blendtec.com/contact.aspx
message: although i am not seriously worried about this, i figured tom dickson might take caution from this short clip:
although the construction of the blender might be such that he is not concerned with any sort similar failures, i did notice that with the hockey pucks, the blender appeared slightly more difficult to control than many of the other items. perhaps he has already taken the necessary precautions, if this email encourages him to take further precautions, i shall not have lived in vain.
thank you,


what syndrome is this: 'the love of everything' ?

http://feareverything.com/ : Now I spend my time listening.
Philippians 2:12: "...continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling."

i need to write an antonym of "fear of everything" = love of everything?

if we can look at the clouds just right, from both manchester and keene, we can figure out where they are; where they shade the world; how high they are. it could be sweet. how many people can lay claim to knowing where the clouds are?

what sort of things are mysterious to you? other than me. i can explain things, i cant explain myself. i traded my soul for the ability to understand the physical universe. it probably wasnt worth it.

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