promise to be kind

the eighth
mistake of the week. mistake of the weak? some informations flow faster than others. its a light youre after, cause light moves faster. human beings will do great things in my lifetime, and mostly, no one will understand them.

there should be no hesitation when the coast is clear. isnt that funny, the phrase, "the coast is clear" does it stem from beach invasion?

the nipples of mother hope have run dry

the ninth
Which foot is ugliest: the ugly one or the ugly one missing an ugly toe? Who is bigger, mrs Bigger or Mrs Bigger's baby? (The baby, 'cause it's a little Bigger). two different explanations of the same thing, if valid, are the same thing, not different.

this is good: he says it well.

what other standards can we use? the world is a good place, and worth fighting for... i agree with the second part. can something be not a good place, but worth fighting for? yes. but hell comes to mind. is hell worth fighting for?

without his knowledge links to deception.

'i always lie' --- if it is true then it is false.

twelth...oh wait, thats now!
what sort of relationship can i construct between information and energy? the two must be related... entropy seems to relate them in some sense. the computer scientists seem to have a very good grasp on information, it makes me wonder what sort of insights it could provide to the physicists.

i just got the advice to 'fill every beat with something'.

so bizarre, i really enjoy learning this complex variables stuff, but i dont want to study at all. even though once i start i enjoy it.

"i cant understand why, you refuse my one request; just to press against my weaponry, and then lay bare your chest." mirah, i cant get you of my head; dont misunderstand me, im not complaining.

so what wines go with say... microwave chicken? how about microwaved chicken pot pies? what sort of wine would you say goes with cheerios in milk? how about peanut butter and jelly? wouldnt it be funny to see a wine connoisseur beat me up? i think thatd be funny.

so i was out of my mind a bit for a day there. thank you to anyone who helped correct me. now—im okay—how are you?—thanks for asking thanks for asking—i hope youre okay too.

there is a way there is a way

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