so ill have to stop that.

a boy who loves everybody
meets a girl who everybody loves

im peeling my eyes, and i will keep them that way.
i am far too good at following directions. i hold them too highly.

these terms all seem to be from game theory. i like them all:
fictitious play
best response
reinforcement learning
zero sum
absorbing states
the multi-armed bandit (also the k-armed bandit)
---(why k? because K is for COUNTER)
common bandit strategies
semi-uniform strategies
ah ha! the stag hunt, also known as the assurance game, coordination game, and trust dilemma. this game describes my reasoning for trusting people, and caring for human kind, to some degree. it is an important analogy for social cooperation, they say.

in dynamical systems an attractor is a set to which the system evolves after a long enough time.
absorbing state redirected me to attractor.
solution concept
---where the conditions are met
pure strategy

"perpetual sunshine" to put on a t-shirt for radithor. and on the back of the shirt will be an ad for the prostate warmer.

there is nothing we can do
the needs of the many
the needs of the few.

"the weight of the blue one.
"satisfying to pick up.
"satisfying to look at.
"all around satisfying tile.
show me your tiles.

so then i write, right here near the bottom, that ive expressed once again, nothing of value; nothing of use. except maybe this. yes, this statement is clear. honest. expressive. but ultimately a copout. maybe next time.

loving everyone isnt much different than loving no one.

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