peculiar habits of humility

"if you come up with an insolvable problem, you ignore it and hope it goes away." -Dr Abernathy

i believe, now, that it is the propogation of the misconception that we actually understand what is going on classically, that hangs people up in the acceptance of quantum mechanics. we never really knew what was going on, we just had crude approximations that fit reasonably well with our very crude senses and measures.

my candy corn actually has printed on it "made in mexico". i just got the advice: "courage!" monstrous things. how many days would corey's (or mine) door have to stay shut before one of us opened it to check the other was still alive? insanely rational? rationally insane? i love to picture your grin. i love to picture your smirk. produced her in black and white.

bernard called me: "betrayer of the nocturnal people."

the superconducting supercollider. physicists need to find some new adjectives.
the fish is always the last to notice the water.
we are not monsters, but we are thoroughly extremist in our demonstration.

apache chief died. sadly, this is about the extent of my commemorations for him.

by the seat of my pants. i think i may have fallen in.... is that okay? i am afraid. i got paranoid for a moment, but that moment has passed. i dont know what comes next. this world is new to me. remember to breathe!

i think the terms 'right' and 'wrong' are very damaging to people. children especially. i think my life is severely crippled by my concepts of right and wrong.

and so when she asks me, "what are you waiting for?": instant panic. suddenly the question falls out of focus, i am certain it either means, 'what is the object which motivates your patience? ' or 'what is the condition/signal that will allow you to proceed?'. either way its not what she meant, and it wasnt even important, but i cant let my head break that much. everett mentioned charlie. i must take caution to not become charlie.

physics is all about forces of attraction and repulsion. about the balance and struggle of opposing forces.
it is so lonely to think: nothing can ever touch anything else.
it is so lonely to think; nothing can ever touch anything else.

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