the story is all questions

people say im smart, but then they dont listen when i tell them im not. therefore they must believe that although i am smart, they are smarter. so from now on, when someone calls me smart, i will respond with, oh yeah! well, youre smarter!

these are my new phrases, stuck in my head for no particular reason:
seeking heat by hell was in my head
we are all of us, far too caught up in the details.
quarantined mind.
quietly confident
i am tempted to accuse you of the most vile things.
things are always better in conflict.
a noisy venture.
theres something phony about this.
is it now?
can you see? its beautiful.

if a man says he is lying, is what he says true or false? i think lying doesnt imply false, it implies not true. (not true)≠false, which is the basic assumption in boolean logic i guess. but outside of boolean logic, in real life, i think it could mean something different. could we merge probability with logic? instead of making it boolean...

these are from futurama:
dont tell no one. spread the word.
extremely inappropriate banter.
some say im robbing the craddle, but i think shes robbing the grave.
you gotta try the pasta. its got a real nice profit margin.

hey, look on the bright side, you dont look creepy when you smile, so youve got that going for you.

an expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement
a misspelling for complement, meaning something which makes the original object complete.

if i wrote you a note in every fold would you promise not to peek? (peak!)
with eight folds of play, reading one every day, could you wait the entire week?

in my spare time i write love notes to strangers and hide them in novel places.

when i was little, and my parents left for a party or something, and said they would be back by some certain time, id get worried when if they didnt get back at that time. although i knew it was worrying, so i quelled it (to use a word not normally in my vocabulary). but still, in the back of my mind, i would start to wonder, what if they were in an accident or something, and got injured, or killed? how would i react? what would happen to my family?

also, when i laid in bed at night, i got very jealous hearing my mom laugh at television shows. it made me feel like i was missing something fun. even now, when i hear people in a nearby room having a lot of fun, i get a somewhat excluded feeling.

i dont know how to abandon the visual aspect of life. thats probably where my embarrassing desire to be blind comes from.
i want to try sculpting something, (maybe clay?) while blindfolded.

i quit drinking, but that meant i had to quit sleeping. and if im not sleeping, well fuck it! who needs to eat?? and since eating sleeping and drinking took up a lot of time, now that ive quit them i can dedicate more time to hallucinating. although i have never enjoyed being alone with my thoughts.

the consensus among those who consider this a disorder is that the threshold is met when the behavior causes distress or impaired social functioning.

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