gotta get off this mary-go-round

always one foot on the ground?

assume the worst. assume the position.

"---i knew i should have checked your showboating globe trotter algebra.
---man, i thought you knew that algebra was all raz-ma-taz. a globe trotter always saves the good algebra for the final minutes."

so im reading over my notes on buddhism, and check this out: this is not tolerance. you do not tolerate other things, you embrace them. teach by example. it is an offering, not a commandment. "come and see", i offer it as a gift. do not carry me on. leave me when you have crossed. allow me to take you to the other side of the river. i will show you the way, then you must be free. worrying is okay, but be mindful... dont let the future ruin you. i think those are all things my teacher told me, or really told my class.

"youd sacrifice a beautiful woman for a moderately attractive ape? you must have smoked some bad granola."
bite the bullet.

everythings profound. these are all from the syllabus for intro to abstract algebra, which shouldnt be as exciting as it was:
write out the words
you expect this of me therefore i expect it of you
please communicate with me
whichever is more favorable to you
learning is primarily your responsibility
i am in an underlining mood
questions are encouraged
distinguishable: the same or different

i dont see too much of a difference between being highly attracted to someone and being in love with them... is that a problem?
"a few of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your planet."
seems the best parts are always missing.
leap then look
isnt that delicious!?
we have all these things, but i dont know where they came from.

ive noticed that it is uncertainty that gets to me. it might result from my analytical/scientific nature, but even uncertainty with bounds is much more comforting to me than complete uncertainty. do you think we could quantify ambiguity? at the very least i think it makes a nice phrase; quantify ambiguity.

i think the lie is probably the worst invention mankind has ever devised, right next to the reflection.

threats of physical violence and guilt are the methods by which most religions coerce good behavior, which in my opinion is just plain bad behavior. just like how parents who tend to 'forbid' their children from doing things motivate their kids to do those things.

why do i seem to have an irrationally rational mind? does that even make sense? i have an impressionable mind. i tend to reject tradition, and yet i also tend to fear and avoid change. i noticed dan is very good at accepting and dealing with change, and yet he preserves traditions in his program. it seems very foreign to me. i before e except after r.

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