hit or miss. miss. miss. miss!

and you open the door and you step inside. now imagine your pain is a white ball of healing light. thats right; your pain, the pain itself, is a white ball, of healing light... ...i dont think so.

"im not popular enough to be that different" -Homer

why cant money solve all problems? there is some reason, i just dont quite see it. any clue anyone?

"aunt jemama and mrs butterworth 'just friend' "

people are just a bunch of chemicals.

"unregistered sex offender notifies neighborhood in his own way"

i am okay now with seeing no purpose in life, yet appreciating people anyway. the key came from dawkin's book: although i see no grand purpose or meaning to life, i do expect to "have a good lunch". and in general, i do. and also therefore care about people, which i do.

"stand by to take the blame... steady, hold it... now!" -zapp

wash your eyes out with soap. math of soda can balancing? ball-gag barbie? gormet buffett. risk and reward will always have the same relationship. all bubbles burst. peaches and cream¿ stackability? all directions turn red. my eyes cant tell. language is STUPID.

"we have to go to holland and smoke pot, and get so high we make shoes out of wood" -Colbert

why is it that human problems appear intractable? it seems they should require considerably fewer steps to solve than the typical real world math problem. the only reason i can see immediateily is that people dont want their problems solved, but that seems odd... it seems a problem should be something someone wants solved. although the automated proof checking comes to mind, and it seemed to illustrate that WAY more information is contained in even the simplest mathematical proofs than i would have expected. which implies that perhaps human problems are far more complex than i would initially suspect.

and then the 1000 chips delicious song plays.

"i think when i sneezed, i got toast up my nose" -Tom

its probably more afraid of you than you are of it.

today at work my head briefly felt like a radio when you are switching stations... as if i just heard bits and fragments of songs, people, movies, phrases, ideas, or whatever else... it had pictures too, but that wasnt as distracting.

tie me up. tie me down.

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