the world warms up to me

this morning i woke up and fled the sunrise.

why does fresh air make bread/chips/cookies/insertfooditemhere go stale? i could probably find out with minimal research. ah ha, well, yes, i did actually look it up, and in the case of bread, it just dries out... which makes sense. except i should have been able to piece that together in my head, i would think. oh well, no regrets.

mostly after work i flee the sunset.

what? the unambitious physics student is considering interacting with the world? and trying to become a leader? that doesnt make sense! how nonunambitious of him/her! how nonobjective! on principle alone it should not be done. interestingly, philematology is considered a scientific discipline (?) and therefore i have at least the chance to excel in it.

today after work i chased the sunset. alas, it eluded me once again
(...though i got a renewed parking permit and my winter coat out of the trip, so it wasnt a complete loss)

what i learned at work yesterday: my head is not quite as thick (wide?) as my torso (deep?), which is not nearly as thick (deep?) as my pelvis.
what i learned at work today: you can only inhale so much fiberglass insulation before youll want to die. and also, the idea of fiberglass in your eyes is probably just as painful as actually getting it there. and finally, fiberglass is itchy. itchy itchy itchy.

oh yeah, i also figured this out (with the help of an incompetant translator):
most excellent = excellence = outstanding performance = remarkable yields = remarkable productions = the production which is remarkable = production it is noticeable = harvest it is noticeable.
therefore, most excellent = harvest it is noticable. whatever the hell that means.

"turtles might be immortal" -Kevin Loverdy

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