heaven knows that im a fake

"how did you do? --- how did i do? i passed! but i failed! yeah! --- well then im happy and sad for you."
should you congratulate me on losing? cause i play to lose.

when you listen to songs, do you ever think of yourself as the singer? do you ever think of yourself as a person being sung to? do you ever think of other people you know as the target of the lyrics?

all gravel and glass. we're both so sorry.

heaven knows that we're all faking it.
look up, look up.

all these lyrics, they dont add up at all.

and i'll think, hey what luck
such magnificancies take me in divinity
and we'll all live on live on the beautiful beast
wrestling the tension I don't want to need

mirah is really cool.

in this city, i feel as if anything that stands still too long is suspect. but i keep standing here anyway. i look everywhere for something to interest me, but it all fails miserably.

and now im thinking that i would like this planet more if it took 36 hours to rotate; but my memory says in high school i said the same thing, only with 30 instead of 36 hours, so maybe its worse.

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