waging war, inciting fear

there is nothing funny to add, so here this is.

it seems i have lost my 4B pencil somewhere in my parents house. and its annoying me. i cannot think of where else to look. now its a bit frustrating.

when in rome, drink the punch.
[if it looks like a duck, hes probably lying]

so a moment ago i was reading about the naming of eris, and how the naming was delayed due to uncertainty in its classification as a planet or otherwise (and there are different naming protocol depending). now, i am not in a position to criticize the cold, rigid methods by which scientific disciplines regularly classify/label/deconstruct phenomena, but this example gives me the impression that the process we have constructed to allow everyone to agree on something removes much of the human aspects of the something we are discussing. so we have all these rules and regulations, to make sure that no one is unfairly left out, but the rules and regulations remove all the 'fun' of the thing we are doing. and this applies all over the place, not just in science. i suppose it is generally summed up in discussions of bureaucracy (which is a hard word to spell). i am the type of person who tends to just quit when bureaucracy strikes. i probably should change that.

"this concept of 'wuv' confuses and infuriates us!"

tomorrow night –> gone for a few days? i suppose so...

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