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the water gets deeper the further we get out.
always fucking naysaying!
busy smile

heh heh heh, filthy stinking rich. "two out of three doesnt cut it, trust me!" -Zoidberg
ha really cool

"The sensory diet is a schedule of daily activities that gives the child the sensory fuel his body needs to get into an organized state and stay there. According to SI theory, rather than just relying on individual treatment sessions, ensuring that a carefully designed program of sensory input throughout the day is implemented at home and at school can create profound, lasting changes in the child's nervous system."

people say you shouldnt hate things about yourself, or want to change yourself. "Examples of hypersensitivity include feeling pain from clothing rubbing against skin, an inability to tolerate normal lighting in a room, a dislike of being touched (especially light touch) and discomfort when one looks directly into the eyes of another person.". the last two are things i really hate about myself. oddly enough though, my dislike of being touched is very much in my head. mentally, i want to be touched so badly. but physically, if i am not mentally aware that i am going to be touched, it can invoke a very coarse response from my body. if my head is aware of the potential of touching, it can over rule my body and enjoy it quite a lot. probably as much as almost anything. eye contact is very much similar. not a problem if im thinking about it, but very awkward if i am not mentally prepared or at least aware.
isnt it neat how 'as much as almost anything' and 'almost as much as anything' have significantly different meanings?
ha ha ha, kind of like that whole, 'what are you waiting for{!,?}'
ill bet me unconsciously masking my voice is a part of all this too.
ive said for a long time that while everyone else was off learning how to be social i was learning about science. but there was more to it then that. most people learned social behavior, and they learned about themselves, their bodies, they learned about other peoples bodies. they learned a whole world of information that i am only now beginning to realize even exists. it is odd how internal i am, without anyone ever really noticing. people comment on my behavior a lot, but i dont recall ever a comment like that.

well, so im about to watch "a fish called wanda" when i suddenly come across this note and link to its corresponding source:
In 1989 a Danish audiologist, Ole Bentzen, died laughing while watching A Fish Called Wanda. His heart was estimated to have beat at between 250 and 500 beats per minute, before he succumbed to cardiac arrest.
no normally i wouldnt be intimidated, but i have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so to speak, and especially my lower abdomen, where i believe my lymph nodes may have swollen up in the last two days to fight off whatever infection it was that made me wish i were dead on thursday. seeing as how intense uncontrollable laughter often afflicts that area severely when in perfect health, there is a certain hesitation in my decision to move forward.

oh man, i gotta stop talking so oddly formal.

wouldnt it be funny to try and take a big safe through customs? and then when they ask you to open it to see whats inside, explain that you cant open it because you dont know the combination.

i dont remember if i wrote about this already, but i was thinking recently that there is no good reason for us to believe we could ever accurately (usefully?) predict such complex behavior as (say) the stock market, the weather, or perhaps even the global climate on any appreciable scale. i want to be clear that i am all altering our behavior with regards to our impact on the planet, im just not behind the statements/predictions given as to what is happening, what will happen if we dont do anything, and what will happen if we do do things. it is sort of the very nature of creativity.

my country
invaded another country
for Weapons of Mass Destruction
and all we got
was this stupid t-shirt.

and now
you know

Corey: what do you think about the criticism about hilary that middle east counties won't take her seriously
me: thats a good question, i hadnt heard that before.
Corey: i just heard that recently
me: id like to think that they would take her seriously simply because she would be the most powerful person in the world. but then again id like to think they would respect all women simply because they are human beings, and they dont necessarily.
Corey: ya it might become an issue i think if she is nominated
me: though it could easily be argued either way; on the one hand, they might not take her seriously and it might inhibit progress since we are irrevocably involved in the development of the middle east. on the other hand, just having a female president might promote more tolerance to women all over the world, at many levels, even if the leaders of certain countries are not tolerant of it, it is conceivable that the people themselves, whether male or female, may become more accepting of females.
the situation illustrates a deeper fact of progress. in order for the status quo to change, it must be challenged. if it is challenged too early, the challenge runs i higher risk of failing. if it is challenged too late, it retards the rate of progress.
im not really afraid of it though. i think hillary would work really well. and on top of that, i think obama is going to win the nomination anyway.

me: do you remember that video where a guy edited his piano an drum hits together into music?
bryant: ah yes
me: he was finnish or something. i never really understood his name.
bryant: yeah and his first video was the edit of him just beat boxing
me: its kind of funny to think i need to have some abstract understanding of things, even like names, in order to remember them.

fuck this place.
go here and help stop the nonsense.

partner in crime.

is thinking youre creepy enough to be creepy?

yeah, im obsessed. ill admit it. is that wrong? im not crazy. or maybe i am. but at least not so crazy that i cannot see im obsessed.

i too badly want things to be important.

photoelasticity tensor
still fallible
zone of avoidance

great, a drunk guy got into my building and cant find his way out. and is now knocking on mine and all my neighbor's doors.
ha, and now one of the neighbors must have called the police, cause now i see a police officer is here.
oh man, this is funny. i saw two police approaching the building. then i used the bathroom, i went back to the window and the drunk guy was walking down main street. now two more police cars have shown up, i havent seen the first two guys exit the building yet, and the drunk guy has probably made his way down main street far enough to be gone.
wonderful. five cruisers are in sight of my building, parked on otherwise empty main street, and i can hear police searching the offices below me.
and then they all left. now. at 3:16 am in the morning on the 12th.

function guilt
"no one asks, 'but what can you do with your model train?' "
keep up the good work.

do you think we could 'prove' the second law of thermodynamics with more fundamental principles of math/computer science and complexity theory? really more the question could be, is the time irreversibility of physical reality explainable in terms of the mathematical property of 'one-way-ness'?

ha ha ha
rainbow tables
meet-in-the-middle attack - this is actually really cool.
crap, is this right?
i am no complexity theorist, but i believe that the statement, "Often, by exploiting a time-memory tradeoff, the complexity class of a problem can be changed altogether", is misleading. i think instead of 'complexity class', it should say something like 'tractability',
i cant decide now... it sort of seems that the complexity class must remain the same. though you would be able to talk about a problems space complexity and time complexity... hey, can you talk about a problem's space-time complexity? reminds me of the... damn, some formulation of quantum mechanics that allows you to mix the wave and matrices formulations? seems wrong. im imagining some sort of isotherm sort of relationship between time and space in computing.

we should build a turing porn farm
these are both really cool. especially since i sort of understand them!
meet in the middle attack
level set method
space-time tradeoff
parametric surface
hash function
computational geometry
ask me about these things. discussing them will help ensure permanence in my memory. or help me understand them better.
should i be more interested in computational geometry? i dont know yet. but i think maybe yes.

puzzles like you
and you like puzzles
puzzles would be a good pet name

3·14·08 (pi day)
i wish you were mine.

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