dishwashing liquid


its the symmetry of the situation.
some kind of wonderful

the whole universe, one fundamental particle? alright, enough of that crap.
and thats when it got scary
can we discuss the entropy of a single atom? is a two proton atom some discrete amount more entropic than a hydrogen atom?

meant to leave
left to mean

one rule to being a good person is never allowing yourself to sink to 'bad peoples' level. you cannot allow yourself to say, 'this is how they work, and we have to play that way as well.' granted, im not a big fan of the idea that some people are bad. i can justify just about anything you could ever ask of me.

torture makes no sense at all. assume the human is actually a terrorist, with special knowledge. why are you going to trust what they say? if theyre willing to die for their cause, you really think torture is necessarily going to reveal the truth? why not send us in the wrong direction, if they can convince us of it. and what if youre wrong? what if this human is not a terrorist? then youre doing the most evil thing possible.

i psyche myself out about the cold so much that it becomes unrealistic for me to leave the house. which feels strange. great, and then it turned out to be pretty warm out. and i forgot it was easter so there was no way in hell any grocery stores would be open.

torture should almost be defined as any reasonably popularly agreed upon environment/treatment/situation for which constant/inescapable discomfort and or stress is generated (invoked? no... implied? intrinsic? theres a word that means discomfort is grown, or generated). so for instance, most people would agree that typical prison conditions are a fair punishment for many of the crimes with prison time sentences. and most people would agree that... i dont feel like finishing this thought.

we've come so far. "Ussher's specific choice of starting year may have been influenced by the then-widely-held belief that the Earth's potential duration was 6,000 years (4,000 before the birth of Christ and 2,000 after), corresponding to the six days of Creation, on the grounds that "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" (2 Peter 3:8). This view had been almost completely abandoned by 1997, six thousand years after 4004 BC."

its the responsible thing to do.

so the real question is, how much torture can 'the greatest nation on earth' tolerate before it no longer feels comfortable claiming it is 'the greatest nation on earth'?

youre obviously confused and aroused.

rarely do things come naturally. usually only after intense consideration can i even attempt them.
got to get to the top
to topple the tip

i frequently have these moments in which the world around me just seems extraordinary. as if i am in the front row of some grand symphony.

i should try exploring the properties of alternate base systems.
also i should try plotting the resulting difference in combination as a 'phase', perhaps by shifting the point off it original position by a unit amount at some angle corresponding to the resulting order of partitions.

ha ha, john yoo says that september eleventh sounded more like war than crime. and i agree. but in the end, neither war nor crime are excuses for torture. these ideas reflect the belief that there are certain acts which good humans should not do under any circumstances. oh yeah, and hey, FUCK YOU john yoo.

this afternoon, shortly before walking through the front doorway of my building, i saw a beautiful girl. and i fell in love in about two seconds. it really sucks it does. what the hell do i do? she had a guy with her. best i just forget the whole thing.
actually, a few hours later i was washing some dishes in the sink and noticed that the dish soap reads, "dishwashing liquid" and i dont know why but that phrase is just beautiful. i fell in love with a silly product description. thats just messed up.

morally isolated.
a lot of the pressure.

oh my god i am going in sane. this has to be sanity. i have to have lost it. please help, i cannot be alone any longer. it will kill me.

i need to learn to stop assuming that people know i love them.
your eyelashes tickled my neck.

take the bait.
just make sure you give all we can take.

"If supersymmetry is realized in nature, there will be corrections to g-2 of the muon due to loop diagrams involving the new particles. Amongst the leading corrections are those depicted here: a neutralino and a smuon loop , and a chargino and a muon sneutrino loop. This represents an example of "beyond the Standard-Model" physics that might contribute to g-2."
okay, at this point even i am starting to think that the physicists are just making shit up.

oh wow i really love Mirah. i forgot how much i love her. i am totally willing to admit obsession here.
cumbersome as it may be.

all this chemical imbalance bullshit... how do we know what correct chemical balance is? how do we know that the imbalance is inherent to the person, and not the result of an external influence such as lifestyle? our lifestyles are so radically different than most of our species history; everything, absolutely everything we do and interact with, is different.

everything you know is potentially wrong. do not forget this for even a moment. but dont let it get to you, most of it probably will be mostly fine, its been throughly checked.

individuals broken

youve murdered my thinking.

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