but it is as if i wasnt

you know how as kids, your parents would tell you things like, "dont talk while other people are talking", and stuff like that? well instead of ingraining good habits into my children, im going to teach them to have full control over their habits. so ill have them play a game where they both need to talk over one another, attempting to make the other person pause.

impressively splendid

im alone, i am not lonely.

the problem with jokes like typing 'compliments' and linking 'complements' is that: of the small portion of people who notice, most think its a mistake. unlikely that enough people will see it that even anyone would catch it.

This is known as the grey body assumption.

plotting of the partition problem, try only the points, as larger objects, shift them slightly forward for each successive group (so a = {(1,1),(1.05,1),(1.1,1),(1.15,1),(1.2,1),...,(<2,1)} distribute the values that a = (x,1) across the interval x = [1,2)
oh wait, remember that you normalized them already too.

who is lesstcool?
who was lesstcool.

chris something or other on NPR 3·4·08 around 8-10

christian right & radical islam evil twins of one another. (?)

im looking for a way to stretch these points out into an arbitrary number of orthogonal dimensions, visually... that make any sense? also, try 'growing' the points still, so they get bigger as they get older or something.
oh, okay, i need a program to go through and and systematically test all combinations, recording for each one a value in an array with length equal to the number of different combinational tests.

hey, if you truly believe in some sort of deity and that our moral behavior was predefined by said deity... what would you do if that deity spoke to you, personally, and told you to kill someone. we could vary the 'convincing-ness' of the spiritual experiences, for instance, the deity could speak to you once, on occasion, frequently, perhaps even all the time. maybe it sends visions too. assume that the conditions of the visit are sufficient to convince you the deity is indeed beyond this world and you may as well consider them to actually be a god... would you do what they say? could you obey that sort of command?

as a child, it almost seems like i was surprised that people believed religion. i think i assumed they, like me, were just pretending that these things were true because the alternatives made them uncomfortable. and i think i became very comfortable with the alternatives at a very young age. for a period late in high school, i did sort of long for a more socially popular belief system, though it was maybe more for the social aspects than any of the 'benefits' that believers tend to impart on themselves.

this seems strange, but it is as if i wasnt even aware that people say things they dont mean.

i could probably define the word "interesting" as "that which can prevent me from sleeping". in which case, girls are definitely interesting.

why do i have an urge to record interesting phrasing that people use?
so i stopped bringing rocks home. but i switched to bringing home ideas. why am i so loving of things? rocks, ideas, people?
offend my sense of correctness.

"whatever our society once viewed as appropriate reaction to dashed dreams it now regards as illness."

degree of truth
fuzzy set operators
fuzzy complements
fuzzy unions at this point im thinking that putting the word 'fuzzy' before any other word is probably funny.
paradox of the heap
degrees of potential surprise
transferable belief model
universe of discourse

what was i supposed to do!
what else could i have done.

she really doesnt believe me? she cant see my attachment?

i think youre amazing.
knowing you, makes all the difference.
it is kind of funny how little ive changed.

this is where the moment finds us.

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