unsupervised learning

oh, is that what they mean by 'voices in your head'? i have that all the time. its how i think. in fact, i dont think i could write this without that.

a creative problem solver.
stronger than that.
i wish i was that smart.

wow. that was elegant. i wish i could get dumped that way. it would still suck though.
overtly resist change.

"i remember when life was easy. when the only question i worried about was whos next. now its, 'how can i dodge my protective detail'; 'what should i do with my hostage'. these are not easy questions."

i think i saw i license plate today: vsr8r, if i remember correctly. im guessing that means 'eviscerater'.

ill look forward to it.
communications the key.
the light at the end of the tunnel.
'out' and 'flaunting it', are two different things.

we never found a definite reason.
but that doesnt mean there isnt one.

dont let the future ruin you

a small collection of bad advice, bad decisions and bad ideas. with tolerable grammar.
quantify uncertainty.
were we counting up or down?
"5, 4, 3, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..."
ha ha ha, indexed: "do you want me to cut you?"

"Die Natur verbirgt ihr Geheimnis durch die Erhabenheit ihres Wesens, aber nicht durch List."
i want a girl insatiable. she is heat incarnate.

"jeff, when do you sleep?

i have found some kind of temporary sanity in this.


is innocence really lost? or do you just kind of discover it was never really there?

heres how good (too good) i am at following directions:
"if more than is used for rinsing is accidentally swallowed, contact a medical emergency or poison control center immediately"
so the first thing i would ask the person is, "did you accidentally swallow too much? or intentionally swallow too much?"

"what mistakes did you make last time?"
im not really sure still.

all of the sudden the universe is slippery again.

CPT symmetry almost makes it seem like antimatter might be moving 'backwards' in time, though that doesnt really make any sense.
now that im thinking about 'the arrow of time', im almost thinking that: time moves 'forwards' simply because the concepts of experience and memory require it to. but thats stupid. i dont think that at all.

i wish you better than your heart desires.

today i began to wonder, is it possible that i dont have a personality? i sort of feel like i pick and choose from prebuilt personalities, depending on who i am with or when or where.

Nodding donkey
wink wink nod nod

damn, i really missed the boat on this one:
"In Western cultures, women may wink to men they are interested in dating, but this has grown out of fashion, though still used occasionally. Winking is also done by men to women, often to convey a message of "I like what I see here" or "Hello, I am interested in getting to know one another if that is agreeable with you." "
actually, i just love how formally that is stated. i wish i were that awkward. half way doesnt cut it.

"to induce vomit is what we did! ahhh everywhere it went, what a valentine's day that was..."
"Love? That word is unknown here. I'm simply looking for a female swollen with eggs to accept my genetic material."

ocular dominance
im beginning to think i dont have a dominant eye. or at least no preference for one.

its a little bit of a pitfall in trying to plot 'four dimensions' of complex valued functions, since to include all four directions, we must resort to something more abstract, such as coloring or brightness. i think the failure is the unevenness between the various dimensions and their representations.

"if i got to choose a person, like a real person, to be like. out of anyone, itd be you."
take your time. hurry up.
shes not at work shes not in school shes not in bed i think i finally broke her.
emotionally colorblind.
"youre a god, dont you forget it."


the vigilance parameter

automatic target recognition
unsupervised learning.

nodding to indicate rejection

Anathema (in Greek Ανάθεμα) meaning originally something lifted up as an offering to the gods; later, with evolving meanings, it came to mean:
1. to be formally set apart,
2. banished, exiled, excommunicated or
3. denounced, sometimes accursed.

now hiring: a partner in crime. preferrably the yrast.
the thrill, be damned. damn it to the last damned man.
immerse your soul in love.

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