uniform noise

from an onion personals ad:
fallinginlovewithloveisfalling in love with falling.

"can you guys ship a whole body? --- we can ship anything kid."

sometimes i feel like a missing link between autism and normal people.
im wondering now if my attachment to girls that get close to me, and my lack of effort in moving on or seeking replacement, are in part due to my reluctance to try new things, or a sense of comfort with the familiar, even if the familiar has moved on.

okay, ill just be out here... listening to you pee.

what can i say, you bring out the 'fuck you' in me.

okay, im gonna go smack my kid, and then take him to a shrink.

its a shame that you let other number ones in the game.

oh, you like a little dirt in your sandwich do you?

this is important, i want to remember it:
"If a computing machine starts in a specific initial configuration (input) then the probability that after its evolution via a sequence of intermediate configurations it ends up in a specific final configuration (output)is the squared modulus of the sum of all the probability amplitudes of the computational paths that connect the input with the output."
from here.

this is kind of interesting: factoring numbers seems one way in the same way that entropy seems one way, yet on a very detailed level, factoring numbers is possible, in the same way that entropy can flow backwards on small intervals.
what reasoning leads to the irreversibility when scaling?

if you can pace me.

as much as we seem in control, or responsible for our actions, we really arent. at least not to the degree we tend to think.

things to remember (omitted)

today (15th) i was thinking, maybe my problem is the flexibility offered by the "given infinite time and space" clause. i suppose the thing that makes humans special is that given finite time and space, we can accomplish many things that other species cannot.

it is strange how centered on my visual sense i am, as well as how bad at reading body language. youd figure one would follow the other. it is not surprising that i am not the greatest listener, as i am so visually deppendent. evn with my eyes closed, quelling my visual imagination is really challenging.

a coworker/friend of mine recounted to me how his girlfriend asked if he wanted to go to a movie, only what she was really looking for is support for her going to the movie. i wonder if that has happened to me in the past? i take statements as their most basic interpretation allows; face value. it reminded me of a story i read online, written by a man who had been diagnosed with asperger syndrome, after some marriage counseling, because he didnt recognize that when his wife said, "does this dress make me look fat?" she was really saying, "can you reassure me that i look good in this dress?" the difficulty in such a situation is that the man apparently thought his wife did look good in the dress, but he did not recognize the intent behind the question.

everything is always on my mind.

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