silent gangsters

string theory in two minutes or less winner

ha ha ha: "such nonsense is very entertaining to professors like me." -Feynman. p187, Lectures on computation

the weirdest part of all this, is the ease i have in assuming i am well understood. it is unexpected, every rediscovery of these inhibiting aspects of my personality. i just always assumed i was being perfectly clear.

ah, well, that makes sense: "It is not necessarily caused by an inability to imagine an answer, but is often due to not being able to gather enough information to work out which of the many possible answers is correct."
this is why i 'dont make a move' when i suspect a girl likes me (who i also like).

poorly conceived

hmmm, could we construct a 'truly analog' computer? one where it actually had a completely continuous range of values, and could effectively represent all rational numbers exactly? is this even possible in theory? all of the devices we use to measure the universe have some 'fundamental discreteness' to them; rulers are made of atoms, the precision of clocks are limited to their ticking rate. but, we could use directions in space to represent various values, and 'direction' does not seem quantizable.

this is an awesome name for a group: association for symbolic logic.

try a crayon if you want to be really creative.

so is (P vs NP) in NP? stupid self-referential questions!

"in practice, this sort of thing is a lot easier with electrons and photons than with cats." -Scott Aaronson

what sort of assumptions can we make about the nature of information and discovery, when looking at examples of parallel discovery, such as RSA and Clifford Cocks, just a few years separated in all of time? it seems very dependent on foundational knowledge.

"amusingly, Grover's algorithm was proven to be optimal before it was discovered to exist!" -Scott Aaronson

if we invented a doomsday device, and not only killed ourselves with incorrect NP solutions, but also everyone else known to exist in our branch of the universe, (as well as all the other branches that actually go through with this), then NP solutions would emerge in many universes! though still not in the infinitely many that never do it this way...

like the plague i say.

i was lost, in the lakes, and the shapes, that your body makes.

when i was trying to fall asleep last night, i suddenly thought, "silent gangsters!", and had to write it down (type it up!). im not sure why i like the idea so much. i find it somehow amusing. but for no particular reason.

"Hello, I am interested in getting to know one another if that is agreeable with you."
wink wink.

why am i crushing my mind into a corner?
and how can i be so aware of this process and still not be able to stop it? or even change it?
and why are the words sinful and righteous equally cool?
it would reflect poor judgement to mention more.

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