sinuous beauty

we are such a strange phenomena. how is it that we can have so much in common, and simultaneously so much different? how is it that i can share such a great proportion of my interests, desires, concerns with so many people, and yet still remain so disconnected from everyone?

i can see it in your eyes i can taste it in your lips.

the very idea that there exists, or even should exist meaning in life is central to the flaw of religion, and to a greater trend of false confidence, unfounded righteousness and uncountably many sacrifices in the name of false meanings. this is worded so poorly.

im still pretty sure that three man boxing would be pretty fucking awesome.

fighting our way home
why do taboos exist?
it feels like poison, why do you do the things you do?

walk in a circle
trying to find our way home

lets start with ridiculous and move backwards from there.

it seems to me that relativity could be discovered simply by questioning the first principle of absolute space, though this is more obvious in retrospect. it provokes the question of what other first principles that imply an absolute-ness may also exist, and how we might reinterpret them.

i just realized that if the centripetal acceleration due to earth spinning were noticeable at a given latitude, then rather than be pulled straight off the earth, the tendency would be to reorient yourself at an angle, because the centripetal force would be directed perpendicular to the axis of rotation, whereas the force of gravity acts at an angle relative to the latitude and the axis of rotation. this can be seen most easily by imaging standing on or near one of earth's geographic poles, and imaging increasing the rate of rotation so much that it becomes infeasible to stay there, such as on a playground's merry-go-round; the centripetal force at the poles would be directed perpendicular to the force of gravity, and tend to 'pull' you towards the equator of the earth.

science, like anything, requires a lot of practice; when one finds the practice more enjoyable than nearly everything else in their lives, it no longer feels like practice, but rather just pleasure. it is regrettable that i have not experienced much practice in other highly pleasurable activities, especially those involving members of the opposite sex. this inexperience is the primary source of much anxiety, in addition to a natural anxiety that has been hard to pinpoint, very clearly present in even my earliest memories.

in no uncertain terms.

i dont know about you, but if i ever read my fate in a book, i would be overwhelmingly tempted to change it. if only to destroy the situation.

false on your own terms.

all im saying, pretty baby
la la love you, dont mean maybe

i rediscovered the stirling numbers of the second kind while trying to find out what the odds were that after k random samplings of N total items that we would have seen some fraction b/N percentage of the items, where b is the number of unique members we have seen. what ive got at the moment which is mostly done, but maybe not perfectly rigorous or complete is:
P(b/N) = (1/N)^(k-b)*PI(i=0, b-1; (1-i/N))*p(k,b)
where PI(i=0, b-1;(1-i/N)) represents product notation from i=0 to i = b-1, for the quantity (1-i/N)
and p(k,b) represents the stirling number, in my own notation. it can be thought of as the number of ways to have seen b items after k 'queries' (or samples).

this makes me wish i could type LaTeX code here.
guess in time i should swap to wordpress.

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