achingly beautiful

they own this fucking place.
the table is tilted. the game is rigged.
...they dont give a fuck about you. they dont care about you.
...and nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care.

willfully ignorant.

be a good bandit.
fuck hoover.

no, im sorry george. they dont own this place. they dont even know what this place is. we own this place. those who are developing it. we decide our own level of involvement. we are the facilitators of our own creative evolution. anyone who chooses to forgo participation will be, ironically, 'left behind'.

its weird to think that ive never ever understood how to deal with feelings towards girls. ever since i was in third grade i think. if not earlier. hard to remember. my behavior in this matter has remained virtually the same.

things will never be the same.
but its weird that change can influence us so much, since absolutely every aspect of the universe around us is changing states at all times, never to return to the same state ever again. why is it that we can simultaneously grow so comfortable in our environment, and become so oblivious to such relentless, and all-consuming, all encompassing evolution of everything. why must we remain so ignorant!?!?
actually, probably, the answer lies in our biology. we evolved in an environment, which was from our species' adolescent point of view, more or less, static. it took much observation and investigation to establish the dynamic nature of the universe around us (and us ourselves), and so it is not really surprising that our torturous mindset remains. a little disappointing that i answered my own question. these are the sorts of questions i want to leave questions, to hear other's answers.

i long for the loss of memory.
achingly beautiful.

im so happy, salman rushdie just said that videogames and youtube will change the world, that when young muslims in islamic nations can see the garbage we buy, theyll want it too. im excited because that was my plan! i thought of that! for years ive been saying, send them BMWs, send them MTV and cd players and the internet and all the same things that have kept americans complacent and unwilling to fight in wars.

i read the greatest quote today, from a man named Denis Diderot: "And his hands would plait the priest's entrails,
For want of a rope, to strangle kings."
over the years it has been evolved into: "Let us strangle the last king with the guts of the last priest."
Attributed to Diderot by Jean-François de La Harpe in Cours de Littérature Ancienne et Moderne (1840)
its somewhat refreshing to see someone with such a fresh take on the matter. and in the 1700s no less! i should aspire to be such a voice.

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