i disagree with myself

god told me to touch myself.
and you.

trauma can distort the memory.
when i die, i want to be cremated, placed in a coffee can, and then poured all over Jeff Bridges.
youre my escape plan.
in this truly pronking new market

you curled up on me.
hearts & minds

i realized this weekend that anyone who is a proponent of a boltzmann brain has failed to understand natural selection. as Dawkins would say it, the ability of natural selection to 'climb mount improbable' is the reason that boltzmann brains are not in fact more probable than the many brains we observe.

i suppose the distance that separates the informed and thinking from the uninformed and ignorant is growing, and possibly always has been. perhaps they are diverging from one another with ever increasing speed, as it appears almost as if the informed and thinking may be on the verge of yet another series of large breakthroughs, whereas the uninformed are still debating the last set of major breakthroughs. perhaps i am wrong, and this is the way it has always been; the masses trailing behind the highly educated by a few paradigms.
do i sound arrogant? i probably am.

the trouble with everything always is nothings ever just right.

so, matter and energy are the same thing, and time and space are the same thing, and information is what, the relationship between matter-energy and space-time? or probably matter and energy are just a property of space time. and information is a measure of those things. and complexity theory, or computability theory, are the rules of that govern their behavior. yeah, im full of shit all right.

i ought to do it

so im getting back into quantum computing because i want to compute the square root of not. no, i guess i never really lost interest, but im not sure how yet to describe my interests. a mix of quantum computing and physics, but more the physics maybe than the computing? i wish to expand the relationship between information, computation, and physics, with the ultimate goal being to understand the physical world better in terms of information and computation. the manipulation of information? too much 'tion' maybe?

dear Martina Topley-Bird,
i am in love with you. will you marry me?
i wait in anxious anticipation of your response.
truly yours,

imagine that... i can always decrease the likelihood by increasing the details i want reproduced. but obviously if something is physically realizable, it has a non-zero chance of being realized.

thats not funny.
fevered dreams.

ha ha ha ha:
"i wanted to do it cause its fun. its fun to do bad things."

the sky was dark, but you were clear.
instead of mpg, maybe we should use mile-tons of cargo/gallon.

so far, i have yet to grasp the incomprehensibility of the situation. and this obviously worries me to the bone.

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