song of songs

as a very scientifically minded individual, i suspect that i have long differentiated between knowledge and the words used to describe and reference knowledge.

you're a genius.

dont be afraid.
i should take my own advice.

she doesnt know yet i dont have a next level

i just noticed, in the tv show 'dexter', the main character uses the pseudonym 'patrick bateman' to order his anesthetic, revealed when he deletes himself from a short list of privileged individuals for the drug list.

when did lighting candles become more fun than blowing them out?

how does one judge ones own value?

in this TV show i watched, the sister explains to her adopted brother that she doesnt know how it must make him feel that his biological father (whom they both thought had been long dead), was actually alive (not any longer, but longer than previously suspected). it made me think, what would something like that make me feel? although i have no idea, (since i have had no experience even remotely similar), i still suspect that i would not know how it makes me feel, that most likely, like many other things, it would invoke highly contradictory feelings, perhaps of joy and sorrow, longing and satisfaction, betrayal and camaraderie.
this has me wondering, how often do i really know how i feel? how often do i just pick one of the two sides and stick with that? i think im probably a romantic, so i probably take the side of the dichotomy that aligns to that. maybe im not though. in some sense i feel awfully distant, cold, and detached. my methodical nature seems to lend itself to my entrenched ways. whoa, way too much self reflection going on here.

i wonder if i could have pet hummingbirds.
apparently it is illegal oops.
but wait, why?
id like to know more about hummingbirds.

ECGs seem like something cool to learn about too

how many instances of a game, or alternately, how many moves in a single instance of a game, must you observe (and by you i mean the smartest of the smartest intelligences possible), before you can understand and play the game (again, you being whoever, not necessarily you or me).

near and dear, bathed in tears.

dude, i totally miss you.
i totally miss you.
i totally miss you,
all the time.

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