present tense makes sense

breathe more deeply.
keep pace with the heartbeat.

i was listening to Dawkin's book, "the god delusion" and he had a really interesting/unfortunate but good point about homeopathy versus established medicine.
he pointed out that placebos are proven to be effective in many instances, but the medical industry is incapable of prescribing them, since due to legal issues they would be required to disclose that its a placebo, and hence defeat the effect. homeopathy on the other hand is unregulated and as such enjoys the freedom to prescribe inactive chemical as cures, which through the placebo effect, often work. which reinforces people's opinions of homeopathic medicine while harming the reputation of mainstream medicine.
i think this is a very good illustration for the difficulty in being 'good'. an enormous criticism of Cheney that i have (and share with many others i believe), is that he actually believes he can remain 'good', while stooping to the levels of his enemies, for some greater good he perceives himself as defending. the difficulty in being the 'good guys' is that you are not allowed to cheat. yes its easier to blow shit up and beat people up and intimidate and extort and bribe and steal and force and slander and threaten and use propaganda and hyperbole, but those are all things we, as a society, have deemed to be 'wrong', in general. committing them in the name of righteousness is, in my opinion, insanity. it is a hypocrisy of morals, which is not only aggravating to those of us with scruples, it is simply illogical.
it is unfortunate the disadvantage placed on science with its sacred honesty when battling the unruly nature of human information transmission.

i think someday maybe id like to visit crater lake and wizard island.
check out the satellite photos on google maps. holy crap that is cool.

holy shit: lake vostok: its about the size of lake ontario, but under 3 km of ice, "Its water is very old, with a mean residence time in the order of one million years (as compared with six years for Lake Ontario, which is typical for lakes of that size)."

i really like the word 'nibble'. as well as its implications and implementation.

im a sucker for a pretty face. and loose sexual standards. (or does 'liberal sexual morals' sound funnier?)
he can feel the Mushroom approaching.
its just like making love: left, down, rotate 62 degrees. engage rotor.

holy fuck science is awesome:
When crumpling sheets of different sizes but made of the same type of paper and with the same aspect ratio (for example, different sizes in the ISO 216 A series), then the diameter of the balls so obtained elevated to a non-integer exponent between 2 and 3 will be approximately proportional to the area of the sheets from which the balls have been made. [1] Creases will form at all size scales (see Universality (dynamical systems)).

crumpled paper at yale.

read the last sentence... dammit, Einstein really was so brilliant. often his 'biggest blunder' is mentioned, which was something he said (it was the cosmological constant). since the cosmological constant is now thought of as necessary, or at least, very likely necessary (actually, i think its pretty well accepted at the moment, though it makes me uneasy), his truly biggest blunder was a failure to accept quantum mechanics, which, since his time, has been verified to such a degree that youd have to be crazy to deny its validity. now, could a more sensical explanation be found that defines the same mathematical framework? or a deeper understanding with mathematics that reduces to the current math in a limit? of course! but if we dont find any such thing, we will still know that the current theory does a better job than anything else has ever. and i dont just mean in particle physics, i mean that, throughout human history, we have never been able to make predictions so precise as we can with current quantum field theories.

reality protocol.

does anyone use 'ttys' for 'talk to you soon'?

though i wont say what, i think it shows our mutual propensity for the avoiding of disturbing others. its something we have in common. its why we are 'nice people'.

i think i have trouble with ambiguity. even if its just like, 'ill call you in half an hour'.

when you walk in a room im a terrible mess.

my middle school graduation just popped into my head. and its pretty funny. i had two teachers, a female english teacher and a male social studies teacher, i think there names were mrs wilson and mr bowen, though i dont remember too clearly. if i remember this correctly, mrs wilson told us graduation was important, because for some of us, we wouldnt graduate high school, and this would be all we would have. meanwhile, mr bowen told us that it was not important, and that it was a waste of time and that we made too big a deal out of it. in retrospect, neither teacher was too encouraging. funny about that, encouragement goes a long way, but they seemed to have over looked it, almost as if they themselves had gotten into a personal argument about the merits (or lack thereof) of a middle school graduation, and had proceeded to press their opinions onto us students. in any case, it would have been nice to have a teacher saying, you guys should be excited about high school, you may have the opportunities to study things that interest you. if you find that high school is lacking that, then maybe you should head straight for college.

it appears i have a previous engagement.

yes im cured. now to get over the cure.
this universe isnt big enough for the both of us.

theres no such thing as 'appropriate'. its not like gravity. we just made it up. it doesnt really exist. funny, or maybe unfortunate, or disturbing, or sad, or ridiculous, how much we all fall into line with it. 'behaving' blindly.

its weird that we have these ideas of sad, happy, and comical, and we tend to think of them as separate; it sometimes makes us feel awkward when we view the blurry line that divides them. i realized this while watching pleasantville the other night. which has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. just an absolutely beautiful movie in so many different ways.

fancy stuff.
vanilla bean.

i want to understand these:
field (physics)
quantum field theory
symmetry in physics

murderology and muderometry.
grand unified school district.

dont be silly, everyone wants to be kissed. even philosophers.

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