hearts artificial

happy you near.

ive got that much ego to spend.
if youre interested.

quick, everyone, out of the universe!
do you know the difference? i dont.

shine on.
shine on.

"If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying."

i dont know where to go anymore.

"i dont want to get too close, its not healthy. dont touch me, its not helping ...at all"

shed be the drug to let me dream in my sleep

rush no rush

degrees of freedom
entrance pupil
phase space
D'Alembert's principle
antonym: gravitas

god leaned over to me and said, "hey dont blame me, i didnt make that fucking rule".
what do you mean, of course god swears. you know, if anything, god doesnt do anything else other than swear.

all day long im under ground.

did i put beta function up here last time?
i dont get it
perhaps perhaps perhaps
ha ha ha

someday maybe ill even understand this. wait a minute: is it justified for me to view a certain romance in studying the heart? or would most people see this a failure?

do the robot
this is going to be great
oddly pretty.

"she tried to blow up the computer factory"

be needed.

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