a lifetime of temporary relief

"For some reason, positronium is important. Positronium tends to show up in one form or another at least once in each exam. If you miss the positronium question on your practice exams, brush up on positronium and why it’s important pedagogically (i.e. reduced mass, how its energy spectrum differs from hydrogen, etc.)."

i need to get used to the idea that after i have read something, i tend to remember it. rather than leaving all these various papers open and ideas and rereading them. though it is quite possible (maybe even likely) that my good memory for these things is a direct result of leaving them open and rereading them often.

it just slips away

"and i thought
be still my heart"
"i just wanna go to hell my way."
"i want something good to die for
to make it beautiful to live"
"we're busting out"
"this is the last breath i can spare"


i heart mirah
significant wave height
anecdotal evidence

the nipples of mother hope have run dry.

though i really love the word 'catastrophe', i think my favorite name here is the great oxidation.

to the point of disgust.

this is what i need to learn next

its like a bad dream, where you just cannot get to where you are going.

bad habits without consequences are hard to quit.

i need to be provoked.
because i stood still.
im too smart to forget.
smart enough to re-justify it forever.
and not smart enough to fix it.

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