die trying or try dying

i hate how the winter holds me prisoner in my room.
i dont want to go outside to go grocery shopping
or to work
or to anything else really for that matter.
it doesnt help that my room is at a steady 78-82 degrees.

i like these two new years resolutions from asofterworld:
"I resolve to climb out of this ditch. I resolve to live through the night. "

"my wife saw 'my love' tattooed on my thigh, asked if it was for her. and i began to lie."

cody has his ducks in a row
cody placed all his eggs in the basket; dont tell the insurance company.


its not my fault that my brain works this way. or maybe it is.

one apple, two apples, three apples...

"complete disorder is impossible" (T. S. Motzkin).

creationists presidential candidates (an embarrassment to the accomplishments of evolution):
sam brownback
tom tancredo
mike huckabee

i suddenly have a strong desire to try cooking. like actual cooking. this is new to me. i dont think ive ever had that urge. and i feel like i should look for a job that will make me very happy and give me the time to do things like experiment with cooking. is this what follows drugs?

home is where i am

information entropy
yum orange planet
ooooo!!! i should print this
"Toward a statistical mechanics of four letter words"
the hydra game havent read

heh heh, "It seems that there is a Chronology Protection Agency which prevents the appearance of closed timelike curves and so makes the universe safe for historians.", said Stephen Hawking

though i dont understand this completely, i do have a surprisingly good grasp of what theyre saying:
The no cloning theorem prevents superluminal communication via quantum entanglement, as cloning is a sufficient condition for such communication. Consider the EPR thought experiment, and suppose quantum states could be cloned. Assume parts of a maximally entangled Bell state are distributed to Alice and Bob. Alice could send bits to Bob in the following way: If Alice wishes to transmit a "0", she measures the spin of her electron in the z direction, collapsing Bob's state to either |z+> (sub B) or |z-> (sub B). To transmit "1", Alice does nothing to her qubit. Bob creates many copies of his electron's state, and measures the spin of each copy in the z direction. Bob will know that Alice has transmitted a "0" if all his measurements will produce the same result; otherwise, his measurements will have outcomes +1/2 and -1/2 with equal probability. This would allow Alice and Bob to communicate across space-like separations, potentially violating causality.
in fact, at this point i understand virtually all of it. though i have never quite seen why superluminal communication across space-like intervals could violate causality.
i just finally discovered (and understood, i think) why super-luminal travel would violate causality! ah ha! i finally get it! because different valid reference frames could observe different orders of effects in space-like separated intervals! and i guess its even easily illustrated through the lack of simultaneity implied by special relativity.
"Note, this is NOT a matter of when light gets to an observer, it is NOT an optical illusion. It is due to the fact that, in SR, the question of what occurs at the "same time as" something else is observer dependent."

perk or punishment?

so i guess im pretty sure (and have been for a while), that im supposed to think of photons as going everywhere. as all photons going everywhere. and then they just interfere with themselves.

i think what really bugs me the most about the whole idea of wormholes is not so much the implications, but more the actual mechanics of it; all laymans descriptions rely on an additional spatial dimension in which the familiar dimensions are folded, allowing two distant points to be closer to one another.

chronology protection conjecture.

i should make a shirt with a cool circuit diagram on it.

gravitational heating?
the inner core
heres an idea: calculate out (roughly) the force due to friction between the inner core and the mantle, and see if its reasonable for that to occur, based on the angular momentum of the two separate 'pieces'.
also, really we have a total available energy (due to the angular motion), and a total consuming energy (must generate the magnetic field, must drag the moon with the tides, and must overcome this friction). though also we would expect that if the Kevin-Helmholtz mechanism added to it then as the earth 'settles' it would increase its angular speed, hiding the effects of 'the consumption of its angular momentum'.

things to do: get SS card
find new job
go to dentist (Jan 18)
call doctor/visit
get dental/medical card from maureen?
vote? tuesday?
get oil change
learn: pdftricks

now we want to be hated.

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