i just want now to stop.

could we somehow apply the limit process to the differintegral processes?
for instance, what happens when you repeatedly differentiate something? does it converge or diverge to some thing? or perhaps cycles periodically between a number of different functions? actually, i guess ive asked this before, when i took complex variables. and we differentiated certain functions that repeated every 4th derivative or something.

you have the blame. you halve the blame. ill take the blame. or we could halve it. go dutch on the blame.

we are all to blame for everything. does anyone feel this way? or am i alone.

thanks, for leaving, the light on, so i, could find, my way home. thanks, for meeting, me half way, from the curb, to, the doorway. this skin is meant to be lived in, so why do i want out? why do i love to see you? see you scream out.

activate the slave settings.

she loves his boyish charms, but she hates his childish antics.

i wrote them a poem:

they label me benign
but intelligence is malignant
a wolf in sheeps clothing.

it would be a haiku but i think its one extra syllable each. though now that i look at the definition of haiku, its no longer clear if the 5/7/5 syllable idea is correct or not. maybe it qualifies. i dont know. i dont care really.

"im filled with a large number of powerful emotions."

my word! you do tickle me!

are you haunted? you want to get un-haunted? well, i'd kill him.

which of the following would you most prefer: a. a puppy b. a pretty flower from your sweetie or c. a large properly formatted data file?

todays words: inimical, malign, benign, malefic

what happens when we all realize that everyone is uniquely interesting? how then will anything get done? maybe, probably, by then, Koza's machines will have displaced us.

isnt it interesting how what makes a person an individual is the way they change, rather than the individual states they take on?
just like physics is really about the rate of change instead of absolutes like position and time.

so now i need to invent calculus for personalities. or calculus for... something.

im struggling quite a bit to figure out whats wrong with drugs... can anyone help me? its probably a good thing to understand. though if i cant figure out what 'right' and 'wrong' mean in anything resembling absolute terms, then i suppose i must settle for relative reasons for the 'rightness' and 'wrongness' of drugs. which i suppose i can easily define/find. Einstein said (allegedly): things should be as simple as they are, but no simpler. i increasingly feel as if most humans have these ideas twisted in modern life: that which is simple is made complex, and that which is complex is made unreasonably simple. i would cite most 'hot button' poltical issues as evidence of this.

shes tachycardia for sure.

i think a plan is just a list of things that dont happen.

im realizing that i cant tell the difference between people who like me and people who are just being nice. really, the only people i would expect this to matter with are attractive young girls, but i suppose since i cant tell the difference, potentially anyone who is nice to me might really like me. that could be fun. creepy old guys. old ladies.

shes a dime. but that is obvious.

also, yes, i know i make very little/no sense, but no one else makes much sense to me either. its weird how special relativity seems to make a lot of sense, and inverse square laws. mathematics. but the 6+ billion people on the planet remain largely a mystery. misstery? misstressy.

do you wonder?
do you wonder.

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