Dear Cody,

Listen, I know everyone thinks you are a real smart guy and everything, and how sometimes that gets to you, but I'm writing to let you know that its not true: you aren't smart. You haven't the slightest clue how to read people, you can't even read their intentions when they are spelled out on paper (or the electronic equivalents)! The closest thing you have to basic communication skills is the ability to see what people meant 9 months after the fact. It's as if you only understand the conception after the birth; you'll be forever 9 months delayed from reality. To put it in terms you might understand, you exist in an interval external to reality's light cones: you exist beyond the time like curves, in the space like region. In some sense, this is what you wanted, events in the space like region can never effect the time like regions, essentially making you an objective observer. But you had to forfeit all involvement with reality to obtain that. And now you're having second thoughts about it, aren't you.

Sorry, I guess that got a bit off point. Getting back, no one can evaluate what they do not understand, and very few people understand mathematics and physics, so very few people can believe you are smart for it. What they can do, and what is commonly done, is confuse what they don't understand as being necessarily intelligent. And you are the same as anyone else. You can't avoid thinking everyone around you is brilliant, because they understand what you don't, or at least they understand it better.

And what authority do I have to tell you these things? None at all, really. But since when did you ever respect authority anyway?

-Over the Ocean

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